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‘Taxi Driver’ maintains highest viewership ratings for Friday-Saturday nighttime drama

According to Nielsen Korea’s report on May 22, Taxi Driver starring Lee Je Hoon and Esom maintained its place on the most-watched Korean nighttime drama in the Friday-Saturday slot.

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The drama’s 13th episode which aired on May 21 garnered 15.6% in the Metropolitan Area, 14.4% in the country, and an average of 16.7% ranking it first among the nighttime dramas in the same time slot.

Taxi Driver is an action drama that talks about the family victims who sought justice and revenge for the evil acts of society. A group of five individuals team up to help other people in obtaining the justice they really wanted.

As the drama reached its 13th episode, the storyline became intense and more exciting; adding that the casts delivered their characters well.

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