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The high is ‘epik’ during Epik High in Manila!

Epik High returns to Manila a month after their short stint for a concert last October. The Korean hip-hop trio of Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz hyped the crowd for their show on November 30, 2022, for their show.

Titled Epik High is Here, Manila is the group’s first stop as they begin their Asia tour. Filipino High Skool fans all anticipate the group’s solo concert after seven years. The fans flocked to New Frontier Theater on a Wednesday evening to make the most of the event.

As the light went out, fans chanted “Epik High,” as if inviting the trio to start the show, which they did. The group performed Here and Prequel to start their show.

They welcomed their audience in a playful manner, introducing themselves. Tablo is happy to be back and to spend the night with the fans. Mithra Jin even showed some of his aegyo faces. DJ Tukutz even lauded Manila as one of the best cities in the world! 

The party continued when they performed some of their big hits: Burj Khalifa, Rosario, and Super Rare. Some fans were lucky to receive a special fan service from Tablo: having their phone cases signed! 

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The High Skoolz were in for a Full Tukutz Experience! DJ Tukutz wowed the crowd with his impressive dance moves! And eventually, it transformed into the Full Epik High Experience that every fan could never forget.

One blessed fan was able to get a fully customized and signed shirt from the members! During this night, the energy of the fans was epik. For sure, the fans proved the statement from Tukutz, that Manila is one of the best and loudest crowds they’ve been to.

We’re hoping that they may come back to Manila again soon!

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