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iQiyi Original K-series ‘Jirisan’ set to air on October 23!

The stars of iQiyi Original K-series’ Jirisan took center stage at the global virtual press conference on October 13, 2021.

Photos courtesy of iQiyi

The series’ writer Kim Eun-hee, director of photography Choi Sang-mook, together with stars Gianna Jun, Ju Ji-hoon, Oh Jung-Se, and Jo Han-Chul were present and greeted the press all over the Asia Pacific.

The sneak peek began with a highlight film of Jirisan, showcasing Jirisan at its finest over the four seasons.

In addition, Gianna Jun, Ju Ji- Hoon, and their co-stars will play the role of mountain rangers who will face different disasters in their search and rescue operations.

Furthermore, the artists told the press that the story is not only mysteries and suspense but it has a heartwarming story that viewers can look forward to.

The strong lineup of artists

Photos courtesy of iQiyi

During the interview, one of the questions that popped up was, what made them decide to join the series?

Oh Jun-Se mentioned that ” I had no reason to not take the project. The lineup is so strong!”

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The chemistry between the male and female leads

Photos courtesy of iQiyi

Gianna Jun will play as a star ranger in Jirisan National Park while Ju Ji-hoon, will play as a rookie ranger.

Aside from the chemistry between the male and female leads, viewers can look forward to the trio, Gianna, Oh Jung-Se, and Jo Hanchul’s funny and bickering moments.

Photos courtesy of iQiyi

“The three of us in the series are of the same age, I’m very happy with that[laughs]!”- Jo Han-Chul

Working with the screenwriter, Kim Eunhee.

Kim Eunhee, was the creator of Netflix’ original series, Kingdom where Gianna and Jihoon was part of the casts.

During the interview, the two actors shared what was the unique atrtibute on Kim Eunhee’s works.

Photos courtesy of iQiyi

” Well, what sets her work apart is that I see the power she puts on the script.” -Gianna Jun

Photos courtesy of iQiyi

Meanwhile, Jihoon stated that “I’ve worked with writer Kim for five years. She’s like a relative, someone who I will greet during a festival, and we meet often. Her scripts are extremely detailed.” Ju and Kim both expressed hope to continue working together in the future.

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Location and its set-up

The director of photography Choi Sang-mook gladly shared how did they do the production on the vast mountain of Jirisan.

Series Poster

“It is a vast mountain, it was difficult to capture details, we used helicopter, hand held cameras for each actors to show their real emotions.”

On the other hand, “for location, we only used a very limited space in the mountain. So, we created a set that seems to be real.”

The conference concluded with a message from the screenwriter.

When watching the series, please feel like you are climbing with us.

Kim Eunhee, Writer
Photos courtesy of iQiyi

The global premiere will be on October 23 20:00 SGT on iQiyi International app or across 191 territories, simulcast with South Korea.

Images and PR from iQiyi.

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