5 Reasons to watch ‘Jirisan’ starring Ju Ji Hoon and Jun Ji Hyun

Jirisan starring Ju Ji Hoon and Jun Ji Hyun is another nice catch and unique Korean drama in 2021. Many people anticipated this series because of the powerful casts who will also dominate the upcoming seasons of Kingdom. However, some viewers also doubted the series after watching the initial episodes — they find it slow-paced, not in the mood to continue, or it is not just their cup of tea.

Jirisan is indeed a drama tackling a different theme other than the usual in the K-drama scene, hence the viewers are not used to it making it unique in some aspects. It is for the people who seek the thrill and vibe of mysteries while looking and enjoying the new approach of the series. As for me, I honestly enjoy the series and how it plays a weird and mysterious act in my mind. To be fair, listed below are the reasons why you should watch, Jirisan!

1. Mount Jirisan and the people

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Jirisan has a unique setting, it tackles the beautiful Mount Jirisan found in South Korea as well as the people living near the mountain and the Mountain Rangers who take care of it. The series brings a new atmosphere and outlook to Korean dramas for introducing a place that did exist in Korea and the lifestyle of the people there — showing the other life and side of South Korea other than the city and beaches.

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2. Sacrifices and dedication of the workers

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We normally see the common jobs in Korean dramas such as office jobs, teachers, and businesses. In Jirisan, they also tackled the difficult workload in the field jobs. Mountain rangers are not popularly known by the masses as well as the people who work in taking care of the environment. In this series, we will be able to see how dedicated and hard their work is in protecting the mountain and securing the safety of the people. They are risking their selves climbing in the mountain and in helping the people who were stranded.

Aside from that, in the episodes of Jirisan, we will also be able to witness how workers from different fields reunite in upholding peace and balance in our surroundings. They are all willing to risk and sacrifice things for the sake of others.

3. Direction of the plot

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A lot of people got confused because of the shifting of the years in the series from the year 2018 to the present year 2020. But, this is the amazing structure of the series that would build excitement in the way of revealing things. Viewers would look forward to both what happened in 2018 and what will happen now in 2020. The shifting of years is just a good way of showing the plotline.

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4. Mystery in the mountain

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Mountains are mysterious considering the vast area and there are probably living creatures that we didn’t know and seen yet. Hence, you can really sense an eerie vibe in Mount Jirisan amidst its beautiful view. The story not only goes on the mountain itself but also the killings that occurred in it. Unfortunately, a lot of people died in the mountain and things will unveil in the series having an exciting ending episode.

Added as well that Hyun Jo (Ju Ji Hoon) can foresee the murders in the mountain before they happen. Look how intense it is!

5. Amazing casts

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Jirisan has powerful casts that are veterans in the industry! Even the new actors are also good that made the story well-acted. They are all a pro considered that the main casts performed an incredible dedication while filming in the mountain and in environmental disasters such as flood and fire, which these scenes really look real.

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There is so much more in Jirisan if you love thrills. So, I highly recommended you watch and enjoy it!

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