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SF9’s Rowoon and Lee Jae Wook send a coffee truck support to each other’s filming set!

Rowoon and Lee Jae Wook’s friendship is getting stronger than ever!

On October 9, Unnies Truck shared through an Instagram post the coffee truck which was sent by Lee Jae Wook to Rowoon‘s The King’s Affection filming set.

The horizontal banner reads as:

“I am rooting for all the staff and actors of ‘The King’s Affection’.”

While the vertical banner reads as:

“Ladies first Jiwoon (Rowoon’s role in the drama) two reflectors”

On the other hand, Unnies Truck flexed through an Instagram post as well on October 2 the coffee truck support which was sent by Rowoon to Lee Jae Wook’s Hwan Hon (Romanized Title) filming set.

Rowoon designed the horizontal signage with a sweet message:

“I pray that all the staff and actors will finish the shoot safely”

He also teased Jae Wook with his hair saying:

“I think it’s time to cut the leaf hair”

Aw! They are so thoughtful and sweet to each other.

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Lee Jae Wook and Rowoon were former co-stars in 2019 drama, Extraordinary You since then, they have established a strong friendship.

Meanwhile, The King’s Affection  is set to premiere on Netflix this October 11 at 10:30 PM, PST

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