Jessi Releases “Cold Blooded” Featuring Street Woman Fighter Crews!

Street Woman Fighter (SWF) crews are all-out for the semi-final mission and music video of Jessi’s new release, “Cold Blooded”.

The new song is a cool urban music trap that talks about strong, unstoppable women. Hence, the collaboration with Street Woman Fighter is a delight to many fans.

In addition, the music video is also released this midnight, featuring La Chica, ProwdMon, YGX, Coca N’ Butter, HolyBang and Hook.

“Cold Blooded” became an SWF mission, where the six crews should create a choreography for Jessi’s MV and stage performances.

HolyBang, with leader Honey-J shows a sexy and powerful choreo that is straight-up in Jessi’s alley. While Hook’s Aiki surprised everyone including Jessi herself, by revealing a striking side of her.

On the other hand, YGX’s performance looks clean and sharp as pointed-out by Jessi and Psy. ProwdMon on the other hand showcased a unique concept.

Meanwhile, they are all praises to Gabee of La Chica for her great embodiment of Jessi’s charisma. Coca N’ Butter also delivers an amazing performance with Szun taking the center.

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As per SWF’s latest episode, YGX takes the victory and is the personal pick of both P Nation CEO Psy, and Jessi. Hence, they will receive bonus points during the elimination round.

YGX leader, Lee Jung, is the director and choreographer of the performance music video. A snippet of the preparation can be viewed in today’s episode.

The show is currently enjoying a sky-high popularity both in South Korea and in the global scene. With solid skills and combined drama, each episode is a guaranteed heart-stopper.

Jessi’s “Cold Blooded” is now available on all music platforms globally.

While the music video is already available on Youtube featuring YGX’s winning choreography plus group highlights.

Check out the amazing “Cold Blooded” MV below featuring the six crews.

Photo Credits to: PNation and MNET

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