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Ji PD — The Most Unproblematic Second Lead on KDramas

Aaaah, second lead characters. They usually end up sad, devastated and broken. They tend to mess things up and become toxic towards the leads’ growing love story after being rejected. But, not on Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. *warning: spoilers ahead!*

Episode 11 of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha went quite different than the normal KDrama viewers expected it to be. It went against the norm of the second leads meeting their fate and we’re very satisfied and grateful!

A few days after Ji Seonghyeon PD (Lee Sangyi) finally confessed his long time feelings that he had kept for 14 years to Hyejin (Shin Minah), they had a talk about how she felt back then and now. She told him that his presence was her comfort during the times she needed someone the most. She admitted that she had feelings for him back then too but feigned ignorance because she felt that it wouldn’t work because Ji PD had seen her at her lowest. Ji PD then immediately dismissed her thoughts and told her that that wasn’t her lowest. That time when Hyejin could not even see her own worth, Ji PD saw her radiantly and loved her for that.

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The thing that the second lead fears most is when the female leads tell them that they have someone they like.

Things usually become complicated after scenes like that.

But Ji PD gladly accepted his fate and was relieved that Hyejin was honest to him. He was rejected politely and the respect is definitely there. His smile was a mix of pain for himself and happiness for Hyejin.

This closure was very refreshing and satisfying to watch as we don’t get this kind of scenes very often in KDramas. Ji PD got the closure that he needed and a healthy one at that. They both handled the situation maturely and did not let their feelings take control and get in the way. That single scene is probably one for the books. It was well-written and was executed very well by such amazing actors. Future KDramas should take notes!

This scene was also powerful as there were no hard feelings shown between the two men. No sense of anger, no toxic mindsets. He just told Hong Dusik (Kim Seonho) to be good to her and take care of her. Just goes to show that if you are a man with a good heart and good intentions, you will radiate good and positive energy, too. Their feelings for the same woman most certainly did not affect their friendship and we love that for them!

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We also love how they showed that Ji PD is also just a vulnerable human who is hurting and deserves to grieve.

Screenshots from Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha on Netflix

It may have stung, but Ji PD finally got the justice that we’ve all been longing for, for all the second leads that deserved it, thanks to HomCha.

Timing may not be on your side for now Ji PD, but we’re sure that you will find somewang– I mean, someone who will give you the love that you deserve and will write your unwritten love story together with you! Hold on to your lucky charm, fighting!

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Lee Sangyi is on the rise after series of successful hit dramas like Once Again and Youth of May, and has debuted as an official member of the group MSG Wannabe. Can’t get enough of Ji PD? Get to know more about Lee Sangyi here!

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