5 reasons why you should watch the 100-episode drama ‘Once Again’

Written by: Trixia Cabasis

Are you looking for a lengthy drama? How about a 100-episode one? But, is it worth your time?

Once Again Official Poster, KBS

Here are 5 solid reasons why you should invest your time in watching Once Again!

1. The plot

The story of this family drama revolves around a family with four siblings ㅡall of them are divorcees and chose to go back to their parents’ house. Imagine the stress level of their parents!

They can’t seem to have a single day of peace in their lives with all the divorce news flooding every day. Chaos!

2. Every character has a story

Once Again has tons of characters. Each one of them has their own life struggles which made them very interesting, real people.

The thing about this drama is that there’s no antagonist, just real, relatable people struggling to live their lives and reach their dreams. Watching them figure their lives out for 50+ hours will definitely give you separation anxiety after finishing the drama.

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3. Divorce and some serious slice-of-life lessons

We get to see what it’s like to be in a relationship that has lost its meaning four times in different situations. 

We also get to see what it’s like to be in a situation where you lose your baby, your sanity, your dreams, your partner, your will to communicate, your sibling, your career, or even your own path.

4. The strong chemistry between the actors

This drama has its own dose of kilig in different forms! 

Kilig from the lovey-dovey couples (which won the Best Couple awards!)

Kilig from the unconditional love of their parents.

Kilig from the siblings’ love. Lee Sangyi and Lee Sangyeob have the best sibling comedic chemistry!

Kilig from the warmth of the house that they share, kilig from all the different kinds of love shown!

5. You will feel all sorts of emotions

This drama will show you the power of love and how it can change everything. This drama will make you feel every emotion possible. You could be laughing your ass at this moment then find yourself crying in the next scene. Pain, laughter, heartaches, excitement, anger, longing, sympathy and so much more, they’re all jam-packed in here.

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Aside from receiving the highest viewership ratings, Once Again bagged multiple awards, too.

During the 2020 7th APAN Star Awards, they bagged:

Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama (Lee Sang Yeob)

Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama (Lee Min Jung)

Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama (Lee Sang Yi)

and during the 2020 34th KBS Drama Awards, they received:

Grand Prize (Daesang) (Chun Ho Jin)

Top Excellence Award, Actress (Lee Min Jung)

Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length Drama (Lee Sang Yeob)

Excellence Award, Actress in a Mid-length Drama (Lee Jung Eun)

Best New Actor (Lee Sang Yi)

Best New Actress (Lee Cho Hee)

Best Supporting Actor (Oh Dae Hwan)

Best Supporting Actress (Oh Yoon Ah)

Best Young Actor (Moon Woo Jin)

Best Young Actress (Lee Ga Yun)

Netizen Award, Actor (Lee Sang Yeob)

Best Couple Award (Chun Ho Jin & Lee Jung Eun, Lee Sang Yi & Lee Cho Hee, Lee Sang Yeob & Lee Min Jung)

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Writer of the Year (Yang Hee Seung)

To finish it off, Once Again will tell you that today is the youngest you’ll ever be from this point on. And the world can only be beautiful if we’re happy living in it. Live a good one! 

Watch Once Again on Viu and Netflix.

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