WATCH: ‘Show Me the Money 10’ Producers in their Cypher Performance!

K-Hip Hop fans! Show Me the Money 10 Producers are gearing up for the upcoming season!

The upcoming season of MNET’s Hip-hop survival is approaching its tenth season with an impressive line-up of producers! To recap, here are Show Me the Money 10 Producers:

  • Gray and Mino (WINNER)
  • Zion.T and Slom
  • Yumdda and Toil
  • Gaeko and Code Kunst

MNET has officially released the show’s official poster and its broadcast date.

Show me the money 10 poster
Show Me the Money 10 Official Poster | Source: MNET

This year’s season will be interesting due to its producers! Gaeko of Dynamic Duo has been in the hip-hop scene since 2004. Daytona Entertainment will make a debut in the pool of judges as Yumdda and Toil will join for the first time.

AOMG’s Code Kunst and Gray separate as they team up with Gaeko and WINNER’s Mino, respectively. Show Me the Money 10 will be Mino’s return at MNET’s hip-hop stage after winning 2nd place in the show’s fourth season. Meanwhile, Season 9’s winning producer, Zion.T, will team up with Slom for this season.

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The show’s producer teamed up for a cypher (a group performance of rappers) session early this month! You can watch their performance below:

Show Me the Money has produced some of the popular hip-hop artists that we know today: from Loco, iKON’s Bobby, Basick, BewhY, and Sik-K. The recent winner of the program is Lil Boi from Zion.T and Giriboy’s team.

Furthermore, the show will release its first episode on October 1, 2021 at 11 pm KST. Which team are you picking on for this season?

All images are from MNET HipHop.

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