LOOK: The Rose members show support to Woosung’s upcoming single, “Dimples”

Following Woosung’s last single, Lazy, He revealed on September 12 through his official Instagram account the release of his upcoming single, Dimples.

With regards to this, other The Rose members, Jae Hyeong, Do Joon and Ha Joon showed their simple yet sweet support of gesture to their talented leader, Woosung by featuring on their Instagram stories a photo of Woosung’s teaser photo of Dimples.

Instagram Story of Lee Jae Hyeong

Instagram Story of Park Do Joon

Instagram Story of Lee Ha Joon

Indeed, true friends encourage and support you no matter what and to have this kind of friends is really admirable.

The Rose debuted in 2017, and was formed under the label of J&Star Company, and remarkable for their hit songs Red and Sorry. They have also known for their amazing song cover of the song ILYSB by Lany.

Meanwhile, let’s look forward for Woosung’s upcoming single, Dimples on September 23!

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