Kim Seon Ho received casting offer for new movie, ‘Sad Tropics’

Based on the reports, Kim Seonho got a casting offer for a movie entitled ‘Sad Tropics.’

If the actor will accept the offer, ‘Sad Tropics’ will be Kim Seonho’s big screen debut.

In addition, Salt Entertainment confirmed that the actor got an offer and positively considering it.

Photo courtesy of TVN

Furthermore, the movie is about a boy who dreams of becoming a boxer with a Korean father and a Filipino mother, the film will be led by two main characters and Seonho got the first offer.

Currently, Director Park Hoon Jung and his production staff are still looking for another main character. 

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Director Park Hoon-jung of ‘The New World’ and ‘The Witch’ will take charge of directing. ‘Sad Tropics’ is a new film that director Park prepares after ‘Witch 2’.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Will Kim Seonho accept the offer? Stay tuned for more updates!

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