4 Korean Drinks To Try If You Are Looking for a Booze!

It is not new information anymore that Koreans are one of the heavy-drinkers out there. We’ve witnessed how our favorite oppas and unnies get themselves drunk out of happiness or sadness at least once in a K-Drama episode. Especially with the presence of that one particular green bottle. 😉

Now if you are curious, you might be wondering what drinks are those and if there are chances that they are available in the Philippines so you can try them at home. Luckily bes, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the popular Korean *alcoholic* beverages that you can easily buy and drink whenever you need booze!

1. Makgeolli (막걸리) / Raw Rice Wine

Makgeolli is one of the low-spirit drinks as most of the time it only consists of 4-7% of alcohol. Its name translates to ‘raw rice wine’ in which the drink is made. It is also considered the oldest traditional Korean wine. They are often served in a small bowl that gives the drinker a milky-sweet and stringy taste. You can easily buy makgeolli at your nearest Korean marts or have it ordered online.

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Makgeolli / From Wikipedia.

2. Bokbunjaju (복분자주) / Korean Raspberry Fruit Wine

Bokbunjaju is one of Korea’s popular fruit wines. Made from a combination of fermented raspberries and water, this drink displays a deep red look. The drink is most popular to men as they find it a healthy drink to boost a man’s stamina. Having an alcohol volume between 15-19%, bokbunjaju also gives a sweet taste to anyone who wants a shot.

Bokbonjaju / From Seoul Bytes

3. Maekju (맥주) / Beer

Just like a typical western beer, maekju is one of the drinks that you can easily buy in different Korean marts. Maekjus are majorly made from malt, some breweries, however, use corn and rice grains as an alternative. A standard maekju bottle or can carries an alcohol level of between 3-7%. Most of the time, maekjus gives a combination of sweet and stingy taste.

Maekju / From Unsplash

4. Soju (소주) / Distilled Korean Alcohol

Lastly, Soju is a Korean alcoholic beverage that we claim as the most popular Korean alcoholic drink here in the Philippines. Easily identified due to its unique green bottle, Soju serves as a perfect companion for Filipino fans as it is often featured in several Korean shows. In case you don’t know, soju is much stronger than a typical maekju and even bonbakjaju! Depending on its variation and flavor, soju can contain 13-20% alcohol! 

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Soju / From Jinro

So what are you waiting for bes? Schedule that e-numan with a bit of fangirling and fanboying moments with your chingus together with some of these Korean drinks and songs!

Here’s IU, initiating the tagay:

DRINK RESPONSIBLY (and when you are 18 na) MGA BES!

Featured Image: All retrieved via Google Images.

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