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4 Korean Treats to Cool Off Your Summer + Trip to South Korea Giveaway!

Summer is around the corner and for sure, you guys are already looking for your next summer adventure stop…or which K-show to binge watch! #FangirlingDuties~

Watching K-shows can be a little boring or distracting due to the scorching heat so why don’t you try this Korean treats to cool you off while #fangirling #fanboying, mga bes?

1. Bingsu

Bingsu is known as the Korean Shaved Ice, they grew popularity because of the overflowing fruits that serve as their toppings, and even for their drooling flavors such as red bean, mango cheesecake, and strawberry to name a few.
You may create your own bingsu at home or order it to local stores!

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From Click The City
2. Milkis

This is one of the most popular and affordable Korean softdrinks available in our local grocery stores. Milkis is a Korean soft drink having milk as their main ingredient.
It can be a refreshing alternative for sodas!

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From Lotte
3. Banana and Strawberry Milk

These drinks grew popularity due to Korean dramas. We’ve seen casts from Korean dramas drinking this beverage! And you can actually buy them at the nearest Korean grocery stores available in your area.

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From SnackFever
4. Korean Ice Cream

Ice cream is always included in our summer list, but I’m sure that these two made you curious whenever you watch your favorite actors and actresses munch on them in every Korean drama. Melona and Samanco Ice creams are usually available at the local grocery stores or Korean marts nearby.

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From Binggrae

This are only some of the cold treats that can cool off the hot breeze the summer season is giving us! Syempre mga bes, mas okay na malamig ang ulo kesa mainit! But it’ll be better if you all stay hydrated okay?

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Have a happy and refreshing summer catching up with Korean shows, mga bes!

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