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Son Ho Jun International fans showed support for his birthday, SonLuv Pinas planted trees in his name!

Written by: Trixia Cabasis

In celebration of Son Ho Jun’s birthday last June 27, international fans expressed their love and unending support by organizing a subway ad and also by donating in various foundations,

Son Ho Jun International prepared a subway ad located at Konkuk University Station.

Son Ho Jun went to the area right away and certified the subway ad by posting a selfie on his Instagram and expressed his gratitude to his international fans.

Source: @sonhojun_official

The Choeaedol subway ad at Konkuk University Station is visible from June 25-July 8, 2021.

Even though he has a small fan base compared to others’, his international fans were able make the actor rank first on Choeaedol and MetKStar, the whole day!


DC Son Ho Jun Gallery fans also celebrated his birthday by donating to Purme Foundation, a foundation that provides medical services to disabled people.

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Source: @purmefoundation

They also sent a fruit basket for the actor.

Source: @lefru3196

Filipino fanbase – SonLuvs shares their birthday gift too!

A gift that gives back was SonLuv Pinas’s way of expressing their love for the actor. They acquired 4 native tree seedlings planted in Son Ho Jun’s name via Haribon Foundation.

Son Ho Jun is a South Korean actor who rose to stardom after starring in one of the installments of the famous Reply series called “Reply 1994”. He then starred in several hit dramas like “Go Back Couple”, “My Secret Terrius”, and “The Light in Your Eyes.”

Actress Song Ji Hyo starred alongside him on the Netflix series, Was It Love? last year.

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Ho Jun also turned into variety which stole our hearts when he joined, “Youth Over Flowers: Africa”, “Coffee Friends” and “Three Meals a Day.”

With his naivety, perseverance, pure heart, undeniable acting skills, and wittiness on variety shows, Hojun is now one of South Korea’s leading actors in the industry.

A huge congratulations and a warm of applause to Son Ho Jun International, DC Son Hojun Gallery and SonLuv Pinas for the successful fan projects and donations. Son Ho Jun has surely felt our warmth and love for him!

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