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Yang Se-jong Appeared As One Of The Part-Timers in ‘Coffee Friends’

Actor Yang Se-jong appeared as the second part-timer alongside actress Choi Ji-woo in ‘Coffee Friends’.

On “Coffee Friends,” a TVN entertainment program that was first aired on January 4. Actors and real-life bestfriends Yoo Yeon-seok and Son Ho-jun decided to invest their profits by operating a cafe at a citrus farm in Jeju Island.

On the same day, Se-jong joined the “Coffee Friends” project and captured the audience’s hearts with a sincere and enthusiastic attitude throughout the whole episode.

As the members began to divide their tasks, Yang volunteered for the majority of the tasks with energy-driven enthusiasm. He became a “multi-tasker” in various tasks such as washing dishes, cleaning, assisting and working hard, and showed his sincerity and dedication.

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