Netflix excites viewers with humorous teaser for their new original series, “So Not Worth It”!

Following the unveiling of official poster, Netflix released teaser for their upcoming series, So Not Worth It, last May 27.

The 43-second clip reveals a frantic and hilarious campus lives of a group of multinational students living together in an international dormitory in Seoul. With their diverse cultures and nationalities, they will show us how they develop bonds and adjust well to the life in Korea.

This will also tell us the exciting stories of eight university students as they experience different mishaps like assignments and part-time jobs. Even though they will encounter troubles that will lead them to hope for the world to collapse, they will still live life to the fullest.

Netflix added a new level of excitement as they uploaded stills for the upcoming sitcom on May 28.

Park Se-wan is the dorm’s resourceful advisor, named Se-wan.
Shin Hyeon-seung is Jamie, the innocuous handsome guy from America.
Sam who grew up in Australia is played by Got7’s Youngjae who likes to boast and bluff.
(G)I-DLE‘s Minnie plays the role of Minnie, a fashionista and Korean drama enthusiast.
Han Hyun-min is Hyun-min, a student who is secretly living at the dormitory.
The casts also include Joakim Sorensen who plays the role of Hans, a guy who is a stickler for rules. Carson Allen as Carson, the always hot-tempered and the Casanova esque Terris played by Terris Brown. (Screencaptured from official teaser)

Furthermore, this is directed by Kwon Ik Joon and Kim Jung Sik. Also, this sitcom will surely give you an idea how it feels to be living in Seoul. Let us all accompany these young adults as they share us their adventures, laughs, love and friendship.

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Its global streaming will begin on June 18, exclusively on  Netflix!

(Synopsis and character details from Netflix PH, Teaser photos all from Netflix Korea)

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