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It’s never too late to decide to live as you


There came a point in my life when I felt so lost. It’s like my life was filled with endless routines that made me feel so trapped. It even came to the point that I lost my voice and felt smaller as time went by, until I met BTS.

Fangirling woke something up inside me that has been quietly sleeping and was slowly being forgotten. While I was fangirling I came across a book that Jeon Jungkook of BTS had with him in one of the episodes of their Bon Voyage 3. I became curious about the book just by seeing its cover. But imagine my disappointment when I found out it was only available in Korean at that time.

Until recently, Apopbooks removed the language barrier by releasing the English-translated version of the book. I am forever grateful to Apopbooks for making it possible for everyone to read such a great book.

Still haven’t bought a copy? Let me give you five reasons why you should add it to the cart and have it checked out. 🙂

1. An Easy READ

The book was made to be read by anyone. No deep vocabularies, no complicated words. Just plain words that we are all familiar with. It’s like reading our thoughts on paper. You will realize how many things we try to deny as truth. But sometimes these words needed to be read or said out loud by someone else for us to believe it’s value.

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2. You are NOT Alone

The first few pages left an impact on me. It even made me cry as I was comforted with the thought that I was not alone, that there was someone like me out there. That there was a person who never gave up and that these are the changes that this person made to make her life a bit better and happier. One thing I realize was that we all felt alone at some point, and sometimes we just need to reorganize our thoughts and feelings. I am glad that while I was in the process of reorganizing my life this book came to help me out and gave me comfort.

3. There is NOTHING wrong with being DIFFERENT. Don’t let your fire die.

We always say that being different is the best that we can be. But sometimes it is easier said than done. In a world where being different makes you an outsider, people tend to hide their difference in a box inside them, just to be accepted. Slowly without realizing it, as the spark of their uniqueness dimmers, loneliness and unhappiness starts to show themselves and slowly swallow them up. Let’s not forget that people who truly care about us would never want you to hide something that makes you shine. Instead they will even help you shine more brighter than before. Remember we don’t need a lot of people to be our friends. We need those who will be there no matter what. May it be one or two, they are enough to fill up that space in your heart.

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4. A Road to FINDING yourself again.

This book will help you find what you have lost. The book is not pretentious as it even stated how some things are not easy to achieve. Take note that it’s only not easy. It never stated that it was impossible. As you take that one step you are already closer to be the person you want to be.

5. After reading the book you will feel a little BETTER and a little LIGHTER.

The book is like a friend who knows you inside out. It won’t make you feel embarrassed. Instead, it will hug you as you cry your heart out. It will agree and disagree with you but in the end it will make you smile. It won’t felt like you are being lectured, instead, it will make you realize the things that you deny seeing are worth seeing. By the time you reach the end, you would realize that the weight you are carrying would now feel a bit lighter and easier to carry. And the path that you should be taking is more clearer to see.

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I hope that you would find comfort with this book as I did. I also wish that it will help you heal the wounds that no one can see and even help you stand up. It’s not too late to be the person you want to be. Let’s not forget that we are still the writer of the book of our life and it is not too late to pick up the pen and write the story ourselves.

Aside from I Decided to Live as Me, Apopbooks are offering other great titles such as Being Comfortable without Effort by Soo Hyun Kim, the same writer who brought us the best-selling book I Decided to Live as Me. Another great book is Love Is Book 1&2 by Puuung, And their recent release, 1 CM written by Kim Eun Ju. They also started the pre-order for their soon to be released book called “You can wind down from time to time” written by Dan Kim.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab yourself a copy of these amazing books.

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