5 Reasons why “The Battleship Island” is a must watch film

Looking for another film that’s worth to watch? The Battleship Island is for you mga bes.

Here are the reasons why this film is a must watch film.

1. Interesting Storyline

A 2017 film, The Battleship Island takes place during the Japanese colonial era during World War 2 in which 400 Koreans experienced forced labor on Hashima Island and plot a dramatic escape.

To be honest, the reason why i chose to watch this film is because of Song Joong Ki and So Ji Sub but I ended up loving everything about the film. In fact, i watched the film twice already. It is a superb film since the story has been inspired by the true historical events so you should definitely add this to your must watch list film.

2. Extraordinary Casts

Aside from the superb storyline, ofcourse the film has its extraordinary casts who really portrayed their roles flawlessly and impressively.

Seo Ji Sub as Choi Chil Sung

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He is the top fighter in Gyeongseong (old name of Seoul), A troublemaker on the Battleship Island, A gangster who is rough outside but good inside.

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So Ji Sub really did a great job in portraying his character here. From the beginning up to the last scene of the film he never failed to impress me. But it’s heartbreaking how his character tragically end like that.

Song Joong Ki as Park Moo Young

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He is a brave member of the Korean Independence Movement who enters the Battleship Island to rescue his fellow independence fighter.

Song Joong Ki’s character here is so iconic, he perfectly portrayed his character and really gave an amazing impact to all viewers.

Hwang Jung Min as Lee Kang Ok

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A band musician in Gyeongseong. He is the father of Lee So Hee, the singer and dancer at their band. He is a kind of father who will do anything for his child and that’s so touching.

Lee Jung Hyun as Oh Mal Nyeon

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A comfort woman who experienced so much struggles in life during Japanese colonization.

I love her character here, she proved that women is not weak and brave by fighting against the Japanese soldiers even if her life is at risk.

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3. Cinematography

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The cinematography of this film is really impressive which made the whole set look more realistic.

The film will really take you to real Hashima island. What more can i say? It was flawlessly made. Kudos to all the creative staffs, you did a great job!

4. Roller Coaster Emotions

You will probably feel emotional while watching this film. The sadness and the heartache while watching them being captured and being tortured, the thrilling scenes of escaping from Hashima island and fighting against the Japanese soldiers and most importantly the happiness when they finally got their freedom.

I actually cried while watching them being in the state of slavery, it really breaks my heart seeing them in that situation.

5. Valuable Lessons

There are lot of lessons you’ll learn from this film such as fighting for your rights, being courageous in every battle of life; keep going until you finish the race.

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The film also highlights the unconditional love of a parent to his child that will surely touch your heart.

This kind of film will make you realize the importance of knowing what happened in the past thus, the heartbreaking historical events in The Battleship Island must not be forgotten.

The film is now available in upstream ph.

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