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We all know that being a hallyu fan means loving everything about South Korea’s culture. This includes fashion, entertainment and most especially their foods.

They are known for having a different variety of foods which we can try on their night market and one of the famous food in the country is the Bungeoppang.

Bungeoppang is one of the famous street food in South Korea. It is made of a fish like waffle and a red bean paste as the original filling. Eventually owners and shops add more fillings such as cream, chocolate and more.

This food can also be seen in some Korean dramas and we recently spotted Bungeoppang in tvN’s recently concluded drama, “Vincenzo.”

Can’t get over with Vincenzo and want to have a taste of this famous Bungeoppang, bes?

Worry no more! You don’t need to travel to South Korea to have a taste of it as will deliver it right in your door step.

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Image Source: Annyeong Oppa


A freshly new opened Philippine based business who specializes in making Bungeoppang for Filipinos.

The shop just opened last June 01, 2021 located in Valenzuela City with the aim to serve our fellow hallyu fans the famous Bungeoppang snack.

They offer three (3) different flavors including the original filling Munggo-pang, Fishtillas de Leche, and Nutella in a very affordable price.

Check out the price details from their shop below.

Overall Review

Baego-ppang product is perfect for snacks while watching your favorite Korean drama or if you are working.

Since yours truly is a sweet tooth lover, my personal picked is Fishtillas de Leche and Nutella but if you love beans and not so sweet filling then their original Munggo-pang is recommended for you bes.

One serve of Bungeoppang is enough to fill your hungry stomach and you can match it perfectly with your favorite coffee.

Image Source: Annyeong Oppa

It is also good for sharing with your family, friends and officemates. You can order solo or for group depends on your liking.

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Check out some photos we personally took from their delicious and affordable Bungeoppang.

Image Source: Annyeong Oppa
Image Source: Annyeong Oppa

What are you waiting for, bes? Grab and have a taste of your favorite Korean snack Bungeoppang from

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