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Ma Dong Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Oh Na Ra, and others confirm roles in new comedy film “Apgujeong Report”

Update as of June 18:

Ma Dong Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Oh Nara, Oh Yeon Seo, and Lim Hyung Joon are confirmed to cast in the upcoming comedy film Apgujeong Report.

Ma Dong Seok will be playing the role of Plastic Surgery Management manager, while the Hospital Playlist star Jung Kyung Ho will play the character of a plastic surgeon in the said management.

Adding to the fun and golden casts, Sky Castle star Oh Na Ra will be taking the role of the plastic surgery director.

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Moreover, Oh Yeon Seo will also appear in the film together with the Criminal City star Lim Hyung Joon that will make the movie even more fun to watch!

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Apgujeong Report already confirmed the golden casts and will begin the filming soon.

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Original article:

Ma Dong Seok also known as Don Lee will have another upcoming film!

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According to his agency on May 28, Ma Dong Seok confirmed his appearance in the new film Apgujeong Report (literal translation).

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“We are now in the process of coordinating the detailed schedule (of the said film),” the agency said.

Apgujeong Report revolves around the happenings in Apgujeong Plastic Surgery Clinic. It will be directed by Director Im Jin Soon from the movie The Villagers.

Ma Dong Seok will be playing the role of the Plastic Surgery Management manager.

Meanwhile, Ma Dong Seok is filming the movie Criminal City 2 after he finished filming the Marvel movie The Eternals.

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