21 Studio Ghibli movies you can watch on Netflix

Animated movies usually involves in-depth details and analysis more than real-life movies. The former uses the method of drawn images that creates life to its subject. However, it may differ in appearance but the stories and lessons they wanted to be shared are all the same.

Studio Ghibli movies under Studio Ghibli company are animated films made by Japanese animated film directors Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki. It was established in 1985 and produced a total number of 43 films.

These movies are known for their unique plots and narratives that are well-animated with visually-aesthetic graphics.

They have touched the hearts of so many and caught the fans’ attention for over 35 years. And now, in order to widen their reach, these movies were recently launched on Netflix!

So, if you want a nice movie marathon, here is a guide for the 21 Ghibli movies that are now available on Netflix:

1. Castle in the Sky (1986)

Photo Credits: Netflix

A story about a young boy named Pazu who stumbles into a girl floating from the sky. The girl, named Sheeta was being chased by the military and air pirates known as the Dola Gang who were after her crystal necklace that is connected to the floating city of Laputa. This starts their journey together towards the floating city of Laputa in order to find the girl’s real identity.

2. My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Photo Credits: Netflix

Two young girls together with their father moved to a new house to be closer to their hospitalized mother. Later on, as they wandered to the mystical forest in their new neighborhood, they befriend a magical creature named Totoro.

3. Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

Photo Credits: Netflix

A young witch who just turned 13 years old welcomes the independent life as she finds a new community to live in along with her talking cat. She supports herself by running a delivery service using her broom. However, she encounters a problem when suddenly she must learn how to survive and deal with her new life after losing her ability to fly.

4. Only Yesterday (1991)

Photo Credits: Netflix

An unmarried 27-year old woman named Taeko decided to visit her relatives in the countryside. As she was travelling, she reminisces about her childhood memories in Tokyo and wonders if her stress-filled adult life is what the young Taeko would have wanted for herself.

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5. Porco Rosso (1992)

Photo Credits: Netflix

The film tells a story of a veteran World War 1 ace pilot who was cursed to look like a pig during the war. He then engaged in a battle with the pirate crew’s American ace named Curtis to restore the dignity of their club and save Fio from marrying the said American pilot.

6. Ocean Waves also known as I Can Hear the Sea (1993)

Photo Credits: Netflix

A young man returns to his hometown to attend his high school reunion. During the trip, he recalls his high school life and his love towards a certain girl and the events that brought her into his life.

7. Tales from Earthsea (2006)

Photo Credits: Netflix

In a mythical land named Earthsea, a man and a young boy investigate a series of mysterious events that would bring chaos to humanity. They join forces with a former priestess and her daughter to defeat the evil and restore the peace on the land.

8. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

Photo Credits: Netflix

In a post-apocalyptic world where Earth is slowly dying due to pollution and raging wars, Nausicaä, the princess of the Valley of the Wind tries to stop the fight of two nations that can more destroy not just themselves but also the planet.

9. Princess Mononoke (1997)

Photo Credits: Netflix

A young prince is infected with an incurable disease by a possessed boar-god who is known to be a demon. So, he travels to the far east to get some help from the Deer God. But he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a war between humans and forest gods together with fearless Princess Mononoke, a human who was raised by wolves.

10. My Neighbors the Yamada (1999)

Photo Credits: Netflix

The film tells a typical family story that highlights the Yamada family. From the parents arguing over the TV remote control, their daughter getting lost in the shopping mall, and the grandmother with her non stop sayings. Clearly shows the struggles and happiness of a family during their every day life.

11. Spirited Away (2001)

Photo Credits: Netflix

The film starts with the story of a family with their only child Chihiro who lost their way to their new house and ended up in a hillside tunnel. Upon entering, they stumble across an abandoned town. Her parents wandered around and ended up being magically turned into pigs after eating cursed foods from the place. Then she meets a boy who explains that the land is actually a bath house for spirits and supernatural beings. She must work in the said land to free both herself and her parents.

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12. The Cat Returns (2002)

Photo Credits: Netflix

A high school student rescues a mysterious cat that was about to be run over by a truck. Later on, she finds out that the cat is actually a prince of a Cat Kingdom and as a form of gratitude, the king wanted her to marry his son. She was brought to the Cat Kingdom and her freedom now depends on the two cat statuette that came into life.

13. The Secret World of Arrietty (2010)

Photo Credits: Netflix

The Clock family are four-inch-tall people living secretly in another family’s house. But a secret friendship form when Arrietty, the teenage daughter of the Clock family meets a human boy. However, Arrietty being discovered brought changes and danger to her family’s lives.

14. The Tale of The Princess Kaguya (2013)

Photo Credits: Netflix

An old man who makes a living by selling bamboo finds a tiny nymph in a shining bamboo shoot which later grows into a beautiful young woman named Kaguya. She has a lot of suitors and one of them is the Emperor of Japan. But, is this really her fate?

15. Pom Poko (1994)

Photo Credits: Netflix

The movie tells the story of Tanukis, shape-shifting raccoon dogs, that are facing the possibility of extinction as their forest home is threatened to be destroyed by urban development. They must now plan on how they can use their powers to prevent this event from happening.

16. Whisper of the Heart (1995)

Photo Credits: Netflix

A young girl who is a book-lover and aspiring writer noticed that all the books she chooses in the library have been previously checked out by a boy. This boy aspires to be a violin maker in Italy and has a burning passion in pursuing this dream. The girl, then realizes that she has no clear path for her life unlike the boy. So she decides to write a story about Baron, a cat statuette that belongs to the boy’s grandfather, to test her writing skills and find her own dream.

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17. Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

Photo Credits: Netflix

A young girl who was cursed by a witch was turned into an old woman. She sets out into the hills to look for a cure but she suddenly stumbles upon a strange moving castle which belongs to a young and handsome wizard named Howl. She then volunteers to work in the castle as a housemaid and helps Howl in confronting his enemies, as well as Howl helping her find the witch who cursed her so she can return to her former youth and beauty.

18. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (2008)

Photo Credits: Netflix

The movie tells the story of a young goldfish princess named Ponyo who runs away from the sea. She then gets stranded on the shore but later on gets rescued by a human boy. Ponyo uses her father’s magic to become a human as she intimately falls in love with him.

19. From Up on Poppy Hill (2011)

Photo Credits: Netflix

The movie is a story of Yokohama teens trying to save their school clubhouse from being destroyed. It also focuses on the story of a teenage boy and girl who tries to find answers about their father.

20. The Wind Rises (2013)

Photo Credits: Netflix

The film is about the life story of Jiro Horikoshi who dreams to be a pilot. Due to having nearsighted eyes, he joins a major Japanese engineering company and designs Japanese fighter planes instead. His creation was used for combat during the World War II.

21. When Marnie Was There (2014)

Photo Credits: Netflix

A young girl who has asthma has moved to the countryside to stay with her relative. She likes to sketch and is used to being alone. However, she unexpectedly meets a mysterious young girl with flowing blonde hair. As their friendship unravels, they discover their deep connection with each other.

The above mentioned movies are for family and for all ages. What are you waiting for? Enjoy watching them now!

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