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Boxed By Kei: A one-stop shop for all your acrylic display needs!

We really can’t deny the fact that lightsticks are really an important element in our fangirling/fanboying. It is a trademark, the identity of every fandoms we belong to and as for our merchs, it is one of our greatest possessions for being fangirls and fanboys.

Of course, our merchs are precious for us so we want to make sure that they are in good condition always, right bes? Problem no more, there’s a shop called Boxed by Kei to the rescue!

Let me share with you my honest thoughts about their product:

I never thought that this product will amaze me this much. The feeling of browsing their product online hits different when I actually have it. Satisfaction at its finest! I love the lights on it, it makes the lightstick look more special and more appealing. Another thing that makes the case extra special is the engraved name located at the middle-lower part of the case. The product is really good, highly recommended for everyone who has lightsticks. from the packaging and the product itself, you’ll gonna love everything about it. Kudos to boxed by Kei, you did a great job!

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About their Cases:

  1. All their cases are made with 3MM clear acrylic.
  2. All cases are locally made.
  3. They are offering two types of light stick case: basic and premium
  4. Their premium case has an LED lighted base which can be operated in several ways.
  5. Each case is customized for a specific light stick.
  6. Minimal gap between the shelf hole and the light stick making it more aesthetically pleasing to display.
  7. The top and bottom lid/ base is removable for easier cleaning.
  8. Engrave is Customizable.
  9. All their lightstick cases have a stopper at the base ensuring your light stick will not slip and will stand in place.

Aside from the lightstick cases; Boxed by Kei offers album cases, cases for signed merch, cases for toys/collectibles, magazine cases, magnetic frames, and any acrylic case.

You can visit their Twitter and Instagram page for more information and inquiries
or reach them at

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Don’t hesitate, Hurry and purchase yours now! I assure you that it’s all worth it 💜

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