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5 Reasons to not miss the story of ‘trauma cleaners’ in “Move to Heaven”

Disclaimer: Information and photos courtesy of Netflix Philippines.

Move to Heaven is an inspiring nonfiction essay-based story that is about a young man with Asperger’s syndrome named Geuru, who ended up being taken care by Sanggu. They work as ‘trauma cleaners’ who clear out the last possessions of the deceased while also uncovering stories that are left behind. The two of them will team up to help those who have passed away by delivering their messages to their loved ones as part of their final move.

Lee Jehoon, Tang Junsang, Hong Seunghee, Ji Jinhee, and Lee Jaewook are part of the line-up, directed by Kim Sungho and written by Yoon Jiryun.

Below are only five of the many reasons why you should not miss it, shared by Netflix Philippines to Annyeong Oppa.

Unique story

Have you heard of trauma cleaners before? A trauma cleaner cleans the home of the deceased person and organizes their belongings. Through collecting what is left behind, a trauma cleaner delivers any unsaid messages from the deceased to those who are living on.

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Lee Jehoon

If you have not watched Lee Jehoon yet, you are seriously missing out. The actor is a chameleon and has taken on many diverse roles. From a gangster who dreams of becoming a tenor in My Paparotti to a profiler intent on tackling crime in Signal, Lee Jehoon has quite the repertoire. The actor explained that he is actually the opposite of his unkempt and abrasive Move to Heaven character, but it was fun acting as Sang-gu and tapping into a different personality.

During the exclusive press conference, he was well praised by his fellow actors saying how good he is as a senior actor and how much he jokes around during the filming.

Young rising stars 

You may recognize Tang Junsang as the adorable youngest North Korean soldier from Crash Landing on You and Hong Seunghee as the granddaughter of a man sincerely dreaming of ballet in Navillera. Both actors expressed their excitement about portraying leading roles in such a heartwarming series.

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Fantastic cameos 

In addition to the main cast, there will be plenty of familiar faces appearing in cameos. First, we have Ji Jinhee, who portrays Geuru’s father and Sanggu’s brother. Choi Sooyoung will portray a social worker who crosses paths with the trauma cleaners. There is also Lee Jaewook whose character learns how to fight from Cho Sanggu.

Other cameos to look forward to include Lim Wonhee, PENTAGON’s Hongseok, Jung Donghwan, Kevin Oh, and more.

Heartwarming bromance 

Move to Heaven

Adding on to the heartfelt stories of those who have passed, there is also a feel-good bromance to look forward to. Lee Jehoon and Tang Junsang shared that while they portray an uncle and nephew, they are closer like brothers in real life. See their on-screen bromance for yourself!

What are you waiting for, bes? Grab your phone, go to your Netflix app, and search for Move to Heaven; enjoy watching!

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