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Netflix’ “Move to Heaven” to be released on May 14

Netflix confirmed on April 14 that its upcoming original series titled Move to Heaven will finally kickoff this May 14.

Move to Heaven is an inspiring nonfiction essay based story that is about a young man with Asperger’s syndrome named Geuru, who ended up being taken care by Sanggu.

They work as ‘trauma cleaners’ who clear out the last possessions of the deceased while also uncovering stories that are left behind.

The two of them will team up to help those who have passed away by delivering their messages to their loved ones as part of their final move.

Lee Jehoon, Tang Junsang, Hong Seunghee, Ji Jinhee, and Lee Jaewook are part of the line-up, in preparation to give its audiences a real heartwarming series.

See below its poster and official trailer.

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