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10 Lessons to learn from the family-hit drama “Sky Castle”

Since 2018 until early 2020, South Korean drama series Sky Castle reigns the ranking board and even sets the bar too high. But why did this satire drama win the hearts of many people? Is it really good and worth to watch?

Well, Sky Castle is really not your ordinary family Korean drama. It has different views and angles to look for but still ends up in one motion, and it’s about the real importance of family.

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This drama revolves around rich housewives living in a residential area named Sky Castle. They are obsessed with their children’s education and success even if it means depriving their children from their own happiness.

Family issues related to education are the main issue of this drama. However, not only the rich ones can relate or understand the struggles presented but everyone in the pyramid can reflect too.

Moreover, on what makes this drama really worth it is the lessons they are implying and voicing out through this masterpiece. So here are the 10 lessons to learn from:

1. Family is more important than anything

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Family is really important and the most valuable word in this world. The family members are connected to each other and can feel the same emotions at the same time.

Moreover, the members of the family will also do anything and everything just to protect their loved ones and can even sacrifice their own life.

But amidst this overflowing love, at the end of the day, we should also learn to categorize what is right and wrong. We will fight for our right and we will also repent for our wrongdoings.

Do not tolerate and justify the bad deeds just to save your loved ones because in every angle, what is wrong will always be wrong.

2. Patriarchal family

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Most of us, especially Asian families are born in a family wherein the supremacy lies in the fathers as the head of the family. The mothers, on the other hand, are in charge of the house chores and giving the needs of their children and husbands.

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But in today’s generation, both mothers and fathers have equal decisions in the household. They discuss and hear each other’s side before making any decisions.

Hearing the ideas and giving the mothers some power in the household doesn’t hurt an inch to the head of the family. The two should communicate and build a strong foundation in order to make the family even more lively.

3. Being a parent is very hard

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Having kids remind you that there’s something you can’t control in this world. You raise them with tears and sweat, showered them with tinder love and support but they still have the guts to be a rebel.

And it is normal. Children are children. Even if they commit such horrendous mistakes, our love for them will always prevail at the end of the day.

It is indeed hard being a parent, but just simply seeing your children growing up, it pays off all the hardships and the sacrifices. This is what we called the unconditional love of a parent.

4. Education leads to success

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It is true that education leads to success. We studied for 19 years and more to get a degree and then find a legal job that will help us to live a better life.

Education is a stage cycle that will help us to reach our dreams but it is not meant to be a place like hell, not a place of hatred nor suicidal thoughts. The students should enjoy studying and not the feeling of dying. They should see it as a chance and not see it as a burden.

Being on top and having high grades are indeed a great achievement for the students and parents. But there should be no pressure in education!

In conclusion, the parents should know the capabilities of their child and not push them out of the line. It’s the same for the teachers in handling the students, there should be no comparison but instead an inspiration.

5. Educational system

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First of all, cheating will never be okay in all aspect. You will not feel the true feeling of happiness in your full marks knowing that it is not from your own hard work.

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Second, teacher’s favoritism maybe still a thing up to this day, but please be fair to your students. Some are fast learners but there are also some students who are really working hard to cope up with the lessons. They are all working so hard, so please be fair.

Lastly, the online lectures/classes. Both private and public schools are highly discouraged to have online classes because some students don’t have an internet connection and it is really hard for them to cope up with the lessons. Moreover, the school was paid to educate the students personally not by the technology.

6. Too much expectation

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Some parents expected more from their children. They expected that their child should follow the career path of their parents and some expected that their child must have stable and high paying jobs than their parents.

Again, it is okay to think that way but always take some consideration. Do not expect on the things that even your child doesn’t have any will to do it.

Guide them on their journey but don’t dictate and the worst is decide for them. Let your child choose what they wanted to be in the future and give them moral support. Let them enjoy and explore life.

This line may be so overrated but the reality is really different from what you have expected.

7. No room for mistakes

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I beg to disagree in this phrase because this mindset will only destroy your self. We are not perfect and even if we are sorry, we still commit the same mistakes over and over again.

Instead, we have more room for improvements. We can reflect on our mistakes and learn a lesson afterwards. So, don’t pressure your kids if they commit mistakes, teach them how to overcome and learn from it.

Our shortcomings help us to improve and afterall, that what makes us human.

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8. Peer Pressure

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It is also shown in the drama that teenagers are prone to be easily persuaded by their friends in doing some nasty acts especially if they have problems in their home.

But don’t you ever give in to peer pressure because it is not the right thing to do. Communicate with your parents and learn to open up with them. Communication will always be the key to better understand one another.

9. Know your friends

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We all have this type of friend who only befriends us because they wanted something from us, and there are also some friends who are brutally honest.

In Sky Castle, it shows that it is quite hard to make friends especially when you are in the family stage. You have different views and principles when it comes to your kids and some will only brag the life they have and the kids as if it’s like a competition.

You are so lucky if you have a friend like Soo Im who will always find for the truth, understands, and look for you. See Ah who wanted nothing but the best for her children and she’s a friend who relies upon the truth. Lastly, Jin Jin who is playfully honest. She may have lapses but her honesty builds her character and she also takes no sides but the truth!

10. Don’t forget where you came from

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Doesn’t mean you are already successful and stable at present, you will just neglect your past. It is still your past and the past takes part of who you are today.

Being poor is not to be ashamed of because it is not a crime. You should be ashamed of your attitude if you look down and oppress the poor.

Moreover, Sky Castle is indeed a great drama full of realizations! It is for family but before watching it, ready your mentality because of the nerve-racking happenings.

Enjoy watching!

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