LOOK: A Filipino artist made a BTS fan art by using more than 18,000 buttons

Look! A Filipino artist, Mabel Bautista, used more than 18,000 buttons to make an amazing 1.47 x 2.81 meter artwork of BTS! Amazing right!

Photos from: Mabel Bautista

“I chose to make a BTS artwork. Buttons are a universal fastener connecting the world through an everyday item. I feel like it’s the same with BTS’ music, it anchors people across the globe. They have this great ability to connect to their fans. ”


The artist said the idea came when a friend of hers suggested to make art out of unused buttons. According to her instagram caption:

A short backstory on how this project started – My friend was in the process of decluttering and found out that her late mom hoarded a lot of buttons. We were guessing her mom wanted to start a uniform/clothing business but never got it started. And so my friend suggested that maybe I can make some art out of it. As some of you may know, I have a thing for creating art using unconventional medium. I said, “Hey, I am up for the challenge!” It’s like “pushing my buttons” reimagining it as an artistic medium. Because there were several thousands of buttons, I thought why not make a big piece of art!?!

In an interview, she even mentioned that it took her 10 days to dye the buttons to achieve the different shades of gray! Such love and dedication!

Mabel is known for her art which are made out of unconventional medium. You can check out her instagram page to see more of her beautiful creations.

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Do you love her art too? We know you do!

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