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Nam Da Reum and Kim Sae Ron confirm as leads in fantasy drama, ‘Shaman Girl Ga Doo Shim’

Kakao Entertainment announced on May 6 that actors Nam Da Reum and Kim Sae Ron accepted the casting offer and are confirmed to star in its first fantasy drama, Shaman Girl Ga Doo Shim.

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Shaman Girl Ga Doo Shim is a fantasy, mystery, and romance drama that tells the story of a girl who is born with a fate of an unwanted shaman, and she gets tangled with a guy in a mysterious chain of events.

It is written by Joo Brothers and directed by Director Park Ho Jin, leaving great anticipation as the two leads were both debuted as child actors.

Kim Sae Ron who proved her acting ability since she started acting at the age of nine, will play the role of Ga Doo Sim, an 18-year-old high school student born with the fate of a shaman who sees and fight evil spirits but wanted to live a normal life.

“It was so fun reading the script considering the drama is a fantasy genre that makes our imagination out of it, and the sense of rejecting natural destiny to live the life you wanted is also attractive,” Kim Sae Ron shared.

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She added, “I think it will be a fun drama to watch and I hope you will look forward to it.”

Nam Da Reum plays the character of Na Woo Soo, a high school student from a rich family who has a warm appearance and outstanding grades.

He will be caught up in a mysterious incident as he can see evil spirits when Ga Doo Sim suddenly appears to his life.

Nam Da Reum expressed, ” I really enjoyed reading the script and the character of Na Woo Soo felt more attractive because it was different from the roles I’ve played before.”

“I’m going to work hard to make this drama loved by many people, so please cheer and watch Shaman Girl Ga Doo Sim,” he added.

Sham Girl Ga Doo Sim is consists of a total of 12 episodes having about 20 minutes each; it will begin filming in May and scheduled to premiere in the second half of this year.

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