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“The 8th Night” starring Lee Sung Min, Kim Yoo Jung, Nam Da Reum, and Park Hae Joon premieres on Netflix this coming July!

(Image Source: Netflix Philippines)

The much awaited mystery thriller film, The 8th Night is coming on Netflix this July 2!

The 8th Night depicts the eight days life-or-death battle to the devilish beings that were locked up in two caskets 2,500 years ago. These devilish beings need to possess seven vulnerable human hosts in order to be ressurrected.

Centuries later, one of the beings reawakens and a series of bizarre murders happen. Detective Jin Su is accompanied by a bright young monk in order to stop the resurrection of the devils that causes destruction on this world.

The Casts

Lee Sung Min as Park Jin Su

(Image Source: Netflix Philippines)

The fated “Guardian” who must protect the seal that is restraining “That Which Must Not Awaken.” Lee received the spotlight for his role in the iconic TV series Misaeng, bringing realism and dimension to his characters across genres and time periods.

Park Hae Joon as Kim Ho Tae

(Image Source: Netflix Philippines)

The homicide detective investigating seven victims of grotesque murders. His role heightens the suspense of this thriller film. Hae Joon has brought unique flair and charms in dramas such as The World of the Married and Misaeng.

Kim Yoo Jung as Ae Ran

(Image Source: Netflix Philippines)

A girl with a secret who is intricately involved in the mystery of the stepping stones. Ever since The Chaser, Yoo Jung has been shedding her child star image and demonstrating mature acting skills through performances in Thread of Lies, The Moon Embracing the Sun, and Love in the Moonlight.

Nam Da Reum as Cheongseok

(Image Source: Netflix Philippines)

The monk, who alerts the “Guardian” about the evil’s awakened. Nam is known for his roles in the drama series Six Flying Dragons and Start-Up and the film Kundo: Age of the Rampant.

In this debut film of writer-director Kim Tae Hyung, he masterfully weaves together the unconventional storylines — mysterious deaths, the ominous threat of “That Which Must Not Awaken,” its sinister journey across those seven stepping stones, and the complicated situations of the characters embroiled in battle.

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Watch the trailer below:

The 8th Night will be released worldwide in over 190 countries on July 2nd only on Netflix. Mark your calendars now!

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