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18 Things about Nam Da Reum that will make you his fan

Nam Da Reum is one of the best South Korean child stars which many fans adore. He will not just capture your heart with his looks, but with his other sides too. For instance, his great acting skills and kindhearted side.

Did you know that Nam Da Reum finally turned into his legal age last June 13, 2019? Yes, you’ve read that right, mga bes!

Why not we take small steps closer to him as well? Below are the 18 things about Nam Da Reum that we should know; and will make you his fan too.

1. He began his career way back 2009 with Boys Over Flowers as young Yoon Ji Hu

Photo from Nam Da Reum Philippines

2. Nam Da Reum slays other hair colors

Photo from bogumiya

What if we him in other hair colors too? It will surely suit him!

Photo from Nam Da Reum Philippines and JTBC

3. Nam Da Reum played around 21 young version of characters in Korean dramas

Photo from namdareumdaily

4. He was part of four Korean dramas year 2009 when he started out as an actor

Photo from namdareum__fan

5. He played the young version of Lee Jong Suk in No Breathing, Pinocchio, and While You Were Sleeping

Photo from gvnnjspr

6. Nam Da Reum got that genuine smiles

Photo from JTBC

7. Overload cuteness since day 1

8. He won three awards as Best Young Actor

Photo from MBC Live and K_DramaIndo

9. Finger heart Nam Da Reum

Photo from KBS Drama Awards and TheAnnyeongOppa

10. He appeared in three music videos from year 2009 to 2016

11. He is so good in photoshoots

You’re making us fall harder over you, Nam Da Reum! Why are you so manly and attractive?

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12. He can slay all fashion styles

Indeed, Nam Da Reum is so charismatic and can turn more people his fans.

13. Nam Da Reum is the lead character in Beautiful World

Photo from JTBC

14. He will star in The 8th Night Korean movie

Photo from namdareumdaily and Naver

15. Any role fits him

16. When he laughs, it can also gives us joy

17. His eyes has emotions that can capture one’s heart

18. Nam Da Reum’s voice is so soothing in the ears

Hearing Nam Da Reum talks can already bring happiness to me. There is something about it that can seriously make my day so complete. Do you feel the same way, mga bes?

Fo sure, there are even more things about Nam Da Reum that can amaze us which aren’t mentioned. Moreover, we all know that he can still show off something more; as he is still young and will grow into the best version of himself.

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Belated Happt 18th birthday, Nam Da Reum! We are deeply wishing all the best for you! May you achieve your heart’s desires and may you continue bringing joy to the lives of many. Thank you as well for being our inspiration in life. Keep on slaying!

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