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10 J-Dramas That You Can Watch On Netflix

Japanese are not only known for their manga series and anime, they are also known for their J-Drama or Dorama. With diverse genres, J-drama has no problem in catering people who have different tastes. Watching them will give you a glimpse of the Japanese culture, food and country.

Here are some J-Drama or Dorama that you can find on Netflix :

1. SWITCHED (Drama, Romance, Sci-fi)

Ayumi Kohinata is the girl who has everything. Her best friend, Shunpei Kaga and boyfriend, Koshiro Mizumoto are the most popular boys in their school. On the day of her first date with Koshiro, Ayumi receives a phone call from Zenko Umine asking Ayumi to watch her as she jumped from the roof of a building. When Ayumi woke up, she found herself inside Zenko Umine‘s body. Everyone thought she was crazy, because Ayumi Kohinata is standing right in front of her.

If you ever felt that you are not good enough, this one is for you.  It will teach you about self love, friendship and forgiveness. The growth of Ayumi’s character will definitely be an inspiration, while Zenko will teach you the greatest lesson you would ever learn.

2. MILLION YEN WOMEN (Mystery-thriller, Romance)

Shin Michima is an unsuccessful novelist. One day, five unfamiliar women come to live with him because of an invitation. The women need to pay him a million yen per month. While living together, there are rules to be followed. All of them are waiting for Shin Michima to finish his new novel. Everything was fine until one of the women dies in the house.

This is a perfect example of mystery-thriller. You’ll never really know who the real killer was until the very end. The evolution of each characters was flawless. If you’re looking for a mystery drama this one is for you. The endless puzzles will keep you on your toes. And just when you think you solved the puzzle, a joker card will appear to mess it up.

3. PERFECT WORLD (Drama, Romance)

Itsuki Ayukawa had everything until an accident made him paralyzed from the waist down. Despite his disability he was able to pursue his dream of becoming an architect, but because of his disability he vowed to not be in a relationship. Tsugumi Kawana is a soft hearted girl who fell love at first sight with Itsuki Ayukawa back in their high school days. Upon meeting him again, despite his disability, her love for him even grew. It was strong enough to break down the walls he had in his heart. But their kind of love is not something easy to accept, especially by Tsugumi‘s father.

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If you are looking for something different and a good cry this one is for you. It will also teach you how to understand disabled people more. The love between Itsuki and Tsugumi is both inspiring and heartwarming.

4. GOOD MORNING CALL (Comedy, Romance)

New student Yoshikawa Nao was able to get her dream apartment, but her fantasy soon came crashing down when she realizes she has been scammed. Having no money to move somewhere else, she is then forced to share her space with high school heartthrob, Uehara Hisashi.

If you ever need a good laugh, or a cute love story, this is the show for you. The adorable Nao and the handsome Uehara will surely capture your heart!

5. ATELIER (Business, Drama)


Tokita Mayuko just recently moved to Tokyo. She studied textile in college and dreams of making a new kind of fabric. Hoping she could achieve this on her new job, she moves forward. However, she misunderstood the nature of her job. She ends up working at Emotion, a luxurious handmade lingerie atelier. She sometimes clashes ideas with her boss, Nanjo Mayumi, but ends up loving her job and the brand.

At first the show gave some Devil Wears Prada vibes, but it is unique and real different. Mayuko is not afraid to speak up for what she believes in, and you might learn a thing or two from her. If you’re feeling nervous about a new job, this show might help.



Do you have a guilty pleasure? Or perhaps a sweet tooth? Ametani Kantaro is a systems engineer who handles a sweets blogs. He samples sweets on his days off only, until he decided to move to Kiccho Publishing. He is seen as a responsible worker, but in reality he slacks off to eat sweets.

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If you ever decide to visit Japan and have no idea where to go, it is a good idea to watch this show! The show features real dessert hotspots in Tokyo. You will surely want to have a bite of whatever Kantaro is having!

7. SECRET UNREQUITED LOVE (Comedy, Drama, Romance, Tragedy)

When he was eight years old, Takuma Kakinouchi spent most of his time at the hospital. His friend, Mayu Taneda, always kept him company. After an incident, they started growing apart. Years later, he entered a prestigious school called Shidou High School. Mayu managed to enter the same school by studying hard. Takuma tries to keep his distance, while Mayu wants to be closer to him.

If you ever need a good cry, this show is the one for you! You will feel sympathy for Mayu, but you will also understand Takuma’s point of view. You will surely feel a whirlwind of emotions with this one!


Everything changed for Akio Inaba when his father, Hakutaro Inaba, bought him his first new video game called Final Fantasy. Akio played with the game every day, and later on Hakutaro eventually joined. They bonded over it until one day, Hakutaro got promoted in his job and no longer has the time for Akio and the game. Fast forward into the future, Hakutaro quit his job without telling the reason why. Akio is determined to connect with his father and find out the reason why through their favorite game, Final Fantasy.

Whether you are a fan of Final Fantasy franchise or not, this heartwarming story about a son and a father reconnecting again will still touch your soul.

9. ERASED (Fantasy, Mystery, Drama)


Satoru Fujinuma has a time-travelling ability which he calls ‘Revival‘. This ability is triggered when he encounters incidents, where he will be taken back in time to prevent it from happening. When his mother was murdered, he was taken back 18 years giving him a chance to prevent a kidnapping incident that involved three of his childhood friends.

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If you like a short mystery series, then you’ll like this one! The episodes are less than 30 minutes each. One of my favorites is the camera work, it is really well done. The story is really intriguing and it will surely get you hooked in the first episode!

10. BORDER (Thriller, Mystery, Psychological, Crime, Supernatural)

Ango Ishikawa is a really smart and ambitious detective. It is no surprise that his whole life focuses only on detective work. However one night, he gets shot by a killer lurking at the crime scene. After being treated, he returns back to his work. However, he is in the boundary of life and death. Additionally, he can see and talk with the dead.

If you are really brave, have a strong stomach and love detective work, then this is the show for you! The scenes are really graphic and explicit, so prepare yourself! Another thing you should know is that a little bit of supernatural elements come in play. All those aside, it is really good and it will get you hooked!

How many of these have you watched? We would love to hear your thoughts.😊

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  1. I loved Good Morning Call. Yoshikawa is adorable and there is also a strong male second lead for the inevitable love triangle. Best of all, there is a season 2!

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