Million Yen Women: 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch this Mystery J-Drama

Million Yen Women is a Japanese mystery and romantic TV drama adapted by Netflix. It is based from 100万円の女たち / 100 Manen no Onna-tachi manga by Shunju Aono.

First, Shin Michima is a failed novelist.

Second, five mysterious women appeared in his house.

Third, they will pay a million yen for rental every month.

Fourth, there are rules.

Lastly, questions are banned.

Intrigued? Here are five more reasons why you should add “Million Yen Women” to your Netflix watchlist.

1. Thought-Provoking Plot

Million Yen Women being a romantic mystery J-drama never ran short of puzzles for the viewers. The plot itself generates more questions that will make you want to finish the drama.

Why are the women invited to live with Shin? Why is it prohibited to ask questions? Who sent them?

The protagonist, Shin Michima (Yojiro Noda) is a novelist struggling to produce a bestseller book despite his talent and interesting works.

Albeit his skills, Shin trapped himself into his own emotional isolation brought about by his murderer father. He is continuously haunted by his past and future as a result of the heinous crime.

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By all means, the drama is filled with Japanese cultural influence, following an emotionally thick plot. Million Yen Women offers a broader viewpoint from a mere J-drama to reality.

2. Roller Coaster of Emotions

Every episode is captivating enough to leave you wanting for more.

The scenarios lure the audience to an emotional and shocking state from one moment to another.

Contrarily, one will give a loving impression, while one will spark suspense and fright, at the same time.

Moreover, the content is sinful and upsetting, but also has delightful and cute moments to celebrate.

Watch how Shin and the five women fight for their desires, overcome the traumatic past, and defeat their personal fears.

3. Yojiro Noda. Enough said.

Played by RADWIMPS’ vocalist and sole songwriter, Yojiro Noda.

Following his breakthrough acting in “Pieta in the Toilet“, the musician furthermore proves his versatility. Indeed, his talents exceed far beyond music.

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Noda effectively delivered the fainthearted character of Shin Michima which is a leap from his cool and confident RADWIMPS persona.    

Yojiro is a music prodigy (Guitar, Piano, Drums, etc) songwriter, producer, book author and an actor – let our response be #SanaAll.

Shin Michima

4. Five Great Actresses with Five Different Character Boldness

Million Yen Women

The five women played by Rila Fukushima as Minami Shirakawa, Rena Matsui (Former SKE48 member) as Hitomi Tsukamoto, Miwako Wagatsuma as Yuki Kobayashi, Rena Takeda as Midori Suzumura and Yuko Araki as Nanaka Seki.

Minami is a nudist and loves coffee. Hitomi is a bookworm and enjoys black tea. Yuki is quite silent and loves roasted green tea. Midori is a highschooler that likes acerola juice. Nanaka is the pretty girl next door that adores milk. Shin takes care of all of them, as part of the rule.

Evidently, the women were very different from each other. The no-question rule adds anxiousness to their true personalities as well. However, as the series progress, it unveils each women’s identity and a glimpse of their pasts.

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The shocking revelations add color and depth to the story.

Additionally, it is exciting to find out if ever one of them will eventually fall in love with the protagonist.

5. One of a Kind Psychological Thriller

An intense J-drama that never expose the mystery until the very end.

Although sinister, Million Yen Women successfully conveyed a pleasing piece of entertainment. 

It touches both emotional and mental state in gentle and satisfying way.

The first season has 12 episodes with an approximate 30 minutes run time for each. Despite being short, the complex story line will definitely mark for quite some time.

In conclusion, Million Yen Women is a must watch for everyone looking for a mixed genre drama that will thrill your emotional palate.

Honorable Mention:

This cute cat, literally named “Cat” wanders around the house freely like nothing bad has ever happened. He is the cutest!  uWu!

CAT from Million Yen Women

Have you watched Million Yen Women already?

What are your thoughts mga bes?

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