B.I officially releases grand solo album “Waterfall”, top iTunes chart worldwide

Finally Kim Hanbin is back as a soloist!

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Genius singer-songwriter, executive producer, and rapper B.I officially released his first ever solo album after two years of hiatus.

B.I dropped his solo album titled “Waterfall” on June 1 at 6 PM KST with ILLA ILLA as the title track.

Watch the music video of ILLA ILLA.

“Waterfall” is consists of 12 songs including its title track ILLA ILLA. Check out the tracks included on B.I’s album below.

  2. TITLE 해변 (illa illa)
  3. 긴 꿈 (Daydream) (Feat. 이하이)
  4. Numb
  5. 꿈결 (Illusion)
  6. Flow Away
  7. Help me
  8. 역겹겠지만 (Remember me)
  9. STAY (Feat. Tablo)
  10. 비 온 뒤 흐림 (GRAY)
  11. 그땐 내가 (Then)
  12. 다음 생 (Re-Birth)

Moreover, 22 hours after the released of the music video, ILLA ILLA has surpassed 10 million views on Youtube and is currently on 13 million views as of writing.

ILLA ILLA sweep off iTunes chart. The title track ranked no. 1 on 17 regions including Philippines, Thailand, Argentina, Singapore, Vietnam, Armenia, Mongolia, Costa Rica, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Peru, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil and Belarus.

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While the album “Waterfall” also topped iTunes chart getting first place on 20 regions including India, Philippines, Turkey and Malaysia just to name a few.

B.I proved himself once again that he is one of the youngest and talented soloist of his generation.

The talented executive producer showed off his charisma and expressed his emotion through his album “Waterfall.”

According to B.I, he wanted to convey the message to his fans. His album Waterfall and ILLA ILLA connects with each other.

It is a song that delivers story from loneliness to comfort. B.I also mentioned he wanted to connect his emotions naturally like a water in ILLA ILLA.

You can watch his MV Spoiler Commentary below:

In addition, Waterfall also chart on China’s QQ Music Best Selling Daily and all 12 songs entered the said Chinese music chart.

Congratulations B.I on your successful solo comeback! What’s your favorite track/s on Waterfall, bes?

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