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5 Legal reasons why you need to anticipate ‘Law School’

From the title itself, Law School starring Kim Bum, Ryu Hye Young, Kim Myung Min, and Lee Jung Eun depicts the life of law students and professors in their journey to learn and practice justice. This story sets in a prestigious law school in South Korea wherein a grim incident occurred that stirred the drama’s tension.

Law School is a JTBC series with intriguing and entertaining plot tackling different true-to-life cases that will surely hook your attention. Moving forward, here are the five (5) legal reasons to anticipate in the said drama.

1. New set of stars

Image source: Netflix

Another star-studded team-up for Law School! These five actors named Kim Bum, Ryu Hye Young, Lee Su Kyoung, Lee David, and Go Youn Jung are now facing the spotlight of their careers and they will surely showcased their wide acting capability in this series.

Kim Bum marks a quite impressive impression on the hit-high school 2009 drama, Boys Over Flowers as part of F4. He recently starred in 2020 fantasy drama, Tale of Nine-Tailed and portrayed the role of half-human gumiho named Lee Rang.

Ryu Hye Young, on the other hand, also starred in various movies and drama series. She received high-praise on her great portrayal of the character of Sung Bo Ra in Reply 1988, in which her character also wants to become a lawyer.

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The fierce and sophisticated look of Lee Su Kyoung in her character in Law School displays her own appealing acting skills. She also starred in Where Stars Land as a member of a security team.

Another great casts from the series is David Lee. He is a well-known actor who is passionate in portraying all of his characters. David Lee has numerous drama and movie appearances and recently appeared in 2020 drama, Itaewon Class.

Lastly, Actress Go Youn Jung who wins the viewer’s heart in his cute and brave character in Sweet Home. She also appeared in He Is Psychometric and The School Nurse Files.

2. Veteran actors’ team-up

Image source: Netflix

If the new and great young stars team-up in this nerve-wrecking series, the team-up of veteran actors who maintain their legacy in the entertainment industry for how many years will show what they’ve got on their sleeves.

Actor Kim Myung Min is known for his serious and moving roles. Lee Jung Eun who starred in various dramas and portrays different characters will definitely showcase her skills once again.

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While Park Hyuk Kwon’s stares that speak something and conveys the character well will give an amazing conviction in the series. An Nae Sang show off his amazing acting skills and he’s also known in his portrayals of varieties of roles he played all these years.

3. About law from the setting to plot

Image source: Netflix

Law School mainly tackles about law, real-life crimes, and the life of law students, professors, and those who hold the law in their hands — lawyers. Moreover, it is a refreshing genre and definitely a series to look forward to.

With this, we can imagine how law school and the law system work in South Korea. The real-life scenarios, in which we will delve into the realm of justice and encounter different law terminologies. It will also strike us a question, are the laws truly just and fair? What do you think?

4. Mystery-inclined plot

Image source: Netflix

Not just a normal law school life, a murky incident happened unexpectedly that also draws mystery and twist in the drama. It makes even more interesting that you would also use your brain and join the characters in studying and solving legal cases, particularly in solving the crime happened in their school.

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5. Characters’ hidden stories

Image source: Netflix

Aside from the mysterious incident, each characters also have their own stories to tell and maybe, stories they tried to keep to themselves.

As the first and second episode aired, we can see how each of them have something about their selves. Well, all of us have secrets or stories that we are the only one who know, or maybe something that we wanted to bury and forget.

Law School is really an interesting drama and it is for everyone. Whether you pursue law, already a lawyer, or doesn’t have an interest in that field, we can all relate and learn from it, especially in knowing and practicing our rights as a human being.

There are so much more to reveal in the series. So, do not forget to set your alarms every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 pm PST. Enjoy watching it on Netflix!

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