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READ: How I came across Kim Hanbin in this extraordinary fangirling life

Many of us found someone who certainly give us butterflies and help us find our way to continue living in this chaotic world.

In the world of fangirls and fanboys, we don’t just meet our favorite oppas, unnies and K-pop bias. I believed we met them for a reason.

I have been a fan of hallyu for over a decade and before I became a full pledged K-pop stan it was my ultimate K-drama oppas who I always have my eyes on.

Not so long ago, I am just a lowkey fan of K-pop. I love listening to drama OSTs and been listening to different K-pop songs as well.

But my life changed when I came across Kim Hanbin and the rest is history.

About Kim Hanbin

Kim Hanbin also known as B.I on his stage name debuted under YG Entertainment boy group iKON way back in 2015.

A multi-talented singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, philanthropist and currently one of the executive directors of IOK Company.

He also established his own music label in the name of 131 Label in 2020.

Aside from being an idol, Kim Hanbin never failed to show how family oriented he is. He is a great son, a great brother and a good friend.

He was engaged on several donations since 2016. Some are personal along with his friends and some were made along with IOK Company.

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Meanwhile, his first solo album titled Deep Night’s Consolation contains 3 ballad songs including its title track Midnight Blue.

Some of these songs was released on Hanbin official SoundCloud account while on hiatus. During those times, the young executive director used SoundCloud to lowkey communicate with his fans.

All profits from the album is set to donate to the homeless children in Korea and abroad.

How I came across Kim Hanbin and why did I chose to stan him?

I didn’t chose him but my heart did. For me it was one of the best thing that ever happened in my journey as a fangirl.

I came across Hanbin during my down moments and his Demo titled Mirror help me overcome the pain.

I became so attached to the song and I feel like the lyrics are so relatable and I started to search about Hanbin and all.

Meeting him and be one of his fan is something that I am so proud of. He ain’t just an artist for me because he inspired me in a way where he became my strength to go on and move forward.

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How does it feels like to be Kim Hanbin fan?

As the saying says,

Good things come to those who wait!

I always believed in this life quote as waiting for our ultimate bias comeback is never easy.
It takes courage and patience to be able to survive each day recycling every contents
just to let him be known despite his hiatus.

Moreover, the journey is like a roller coaster ride. There are times when we are just happy
and contented on the positive news that we get from the Korean media.

All the sleepless nights, the pain are already replaced with happiness as Kim Hanbin is now officialy back in the music industry.

March 19, 2021 marked as Hanbin official comeback to the Korean music entertainment with his donation album Love Streaming.

You can watch Midnight Blue music video below:

Message to Kim Hanbin

To Kim Hanbin, who is my strength and my inspiration, thank you for being born into this world. You are more than just an idol because you are someone who help us become a better version of ourselves.

Thank you for sharing your blessings. Thank you because you cherished your people and you always look after everyone else.

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Despite the world being so cruel to you, you came back with a better version of yourself. Always the fiercer, wise yet the same old Kim Hanbin that we love since the beginning.

Always know that no matter what happened we will always be here for you until whenever. Let’s be each other strength Hanbin.

Message to Binics

Dear all, we have been through a lot but the challenges and struggle we experienced while waiting for Hanbin made us stronger and made us love him even more.

Thank you for staying with him, thank you for patiently waiting and thank you for loving him

Thank you for all your hardwork and for giving Hanbin the best of everything. Thank you because you have all the reasons to give up but then you all decided to stay. For sure Hanbin is so proud for all of us as much as we are also proud of him.

In this fangirling/ fanboying journey, let’s stay together for Hanbin, let’s take it slow and last long.

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