Cha Eun Woo and PH Fans spent a great night together at the Starry Caravan fan meeting in Manila!

Following his successful fan meeting here in Manila last 2019, Cha Eun Woo reunites with his Filipino fans once again.

Brought to us by DNM Entertainment, Cha Eun Woo held another memorable fan meeting “Just 10 minute Starry Caravan in Manila” last August 6 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Opening Performance

“Magandang Gabi, Namiss ko Kayo”

Fans got so ecstatic when Cha Eun Woo appeared on the stage and surprised all the fans with his opening performance by singing his solo song, First Love. The crowd was so loud that Eun Woo didn’t even clearly hear the sound, he kept on signing to staff to raise the volume up. Indeed, the PH Fans’ crowd is the best when it comes to cheering. They cheerfully and warmly welcomed Cha Eun Woo and he was so amazed at that.

“Long time no see, Mahal kita. Namiss ko kayo, Did you guys miss me? Thank you so much for welcoming me I really hope you’ll have a happy time with me today.” he said after he performed.

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He mentioned that he chose to perform it as his first song because he wants to show his Filipino fans the love that is fresh and pure.

Getting to know more about Cha Eun Woo

The fans got to know more about him with the segment called “Fact Check- Self Reported”. Cha Eun Woo said that he is someone who would correct people who are close to him when they say something incorrect about him.

He gamely answered all the questions that were asked by the host of the event, Sam Oh and said that he enjoyed and also learned something from himself in that segment.

Cha Eun Woo’s remarkable K-drama Roles

In the segment called “5-Minute Straight”  Eun Woo, himself introduced the works and the characters that he played and he re-enacted some of the famous scenes and lines from that.

He briefly introduced his characters in his dramas, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Top Management, Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, and True Beauty, and re-enacted some of the scenes from them.

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He was so adorable when he re-enacted the iconic drunk scene from True Beauty. He’s so shy while looking at himself on the big screen.

The fans along with him sang the ottoke song as well.

More Performances from Cha Eun Woo

More performances, more fun! Cha Eun Woo proved that he is a great total performer when he sang his songs, Don’t Cry My Love and Focus on Me

He also did his version of When You’re Gone by Shawn Mendes showing off his skill in playing the piano. (Swear! My heart melted when I saw him playing the piano 😍)

Furthermore, Eun Woo made the hearts of the fans flutter more when he serenaded them with the song Aloha while giving flowers to the lucky fans.

(Cha Eun Woo singing “Aloha”)

Encore Song

Cha Eun Woo loves his fans so much that he did an encore and sang his song, Love So Fine.

(Cha Eun Woo Singing “Love So Fine”)

To wrap up the event, He said that he was very happy that PH Fans were warmly welcomed and enjoyed the event together.

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He is very grateful for this memorable moment. The cheer and support of the fans are so meaningful to him. The shout, applause, and energy of his PH fans gave him life.

“Stay safe, be healthy always!” he sweetly reminded everyone.

It was a beautiful night with our dearest Cha Eun Woo. Thank you DNM Entertainment for bringing Cha Eun Woo here once again, we had a great night with him. 

Meanwhile, Let’s look forward to his upcoming drama, Island. He will play the role of Exorcist Yohan in the said drama.

Here’s a bonus vid for you Arohas 🥰

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