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ICYMI: SB19’s Josh shared tough experiences before becoming a P-pop idol

We stan harder!

On a recent vlog, Josh Cullen Santos shared his life experiences before becoming an SB19 member, and we, A’TIN are beyond proud of him.

Life is tough and full of challenges but Josh proved that as long as you are determined and goal-driven, everything is possible.

Other than that, Josh also shared his insights regarding mental health awareness as he himself has first-hand experiences with this essential matter.

Here are the top 3 advices that SB19’s Josh taught us:

1. Never lose yourself during the process.

Fighting silent battles is never easy, but, Josh shared that learning self-care and prioritizing yourself will help you to overcome those. It may be hard at the start but never ever lose yourself during the process of your healing and protecting your peace.

2. Be the best version of yourself.

Josh’s vlog taught us that no matter what happened, we should always strive to be the best version of ourselves. People might judge and criticize us but at the end of the day, no one can take away the fruit of hardships that we gained as we achieve our self-growth.

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3. “Fake it until you make it.”

This quote is always being mentioned in menpa, but as what it implies, we can always reach our goals as long as we are determined and persevere enough to achieve them. You might have not noticed your progress during the process, but remember, slow progress is progress too. Practice, passion, and consistency are the answers to achieving your dreams and fulfilling your goals. That is what SB19 taught us!

As of writing, Josh already garnered over 66,300 subscribers on YouTube and still counting.

To know more about Josh Cullen Santos, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow his social media accounts. Also, do not forget to follow his gaming page on Facebook: JoshCullen

Stanning Josh is having a bias, an idol, a Kuya, a friend, and all in one person. To Josh: we are beyond thankful for having you. Personally, I always adore your words of wisdom and encouragement that you share with us. Remember that we, A’TIN, are always here to support you; we believe in you. Keep going up!

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Stan P-pop Kings. Stan SB19, mga bes!

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