SB19 has been the talk of the town ever since the synchronized video dance practice of their single “Go Up” blew up on Internet.

It cannot be denied that large number of people became instant supporters of SB19. They all started from a nameless fandom and now they are called A’TIN.

Without further ado, here are 19 reasons why you should stan SB19:

1. They are unquestionably talented.

During their training days, they mentioned on their interviews that they are trained in various aspects of performing such singing, dancing, acting and doing choreography.

Indeed, they are all-in-one performers.

2. Kings of fanservice.

If you already attended some of their mall shows and guesting events, you’ll notice how much they adore their fans.

There are some instances that mall shows and events had a mini hi-touch and meet and greet portion because they mentioned that they want to build close connections with fans.

3. Strong vocals and visuals.

Their sense of fashion may be influenced by KPOP but it cannot be denied that being a Filipino runs on their visuals.

Another thing, all of the members are good with vocals. They can all sing, rap and dance.

4. SB19 members are witty and funny.

One of the reasons why A’TIN love them is because of their funny and witty moves and statements on their videos and interviews.

If you watch some of their videos on YouTube, you can witness them making some jokes that you’ll surely laugh about.

5. Stell’s voice is indeed heavenly.

Photo courtesy: The Benildean Yearbook

Their main vocalist, Stell has a heavenly voice. Believe it or not, Stell hitting those high notes is so astonishing.

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You can watch some of his song covers here:

6. Josh is charismatic.

A’TIN are living with Josh’s charismatic visual. Josh is the “Kuya” of SB19. He is also the lead rapper and dancer of the group.

Out of all the Kuya(s) in the world, Josh is probably the cutest and the most charismatic one.

7. Ken: SB19’s Dancing Machine.

Photo courtesy: @sherrwiinn

Ken, SB19’s main dancer is indeed a dancing machine as he nailed every dance performances on their mall shows and guesting events.

You can watch some of his dance covers here:

8. Justin’s attractive smile.

Be ready to be captivated by the smile of SB19’s maknae, Justin! Also known as the hardworking pure boy, Justin is the youngest member of SB19.

9. Sejun’s leadership skills.

Being the leader of group is a tough job but Sejun is handling it well. Sejun is also the main songwriter of SB19. He is the main person behind the lyrics of their songs.

10. Cute and meaningful fandom name.

A’TIN (pronounced as “eighteen”) is the fandom name of SB19. They mentioned on their video announcement, “if there’s no A’TIN, there is no SB19.” That’s the reason why they love their fans.

Another explanation, ATIN means “OURS” in English. Sejun mentioned that all of the dreams and success are all “ATIN,” both for SB19 and fans.

11. Their songs are inspirational.

Their song “Go Up” keeps on going up on local music charts and even made it to Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart.

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This song is very meaningful to them because it serves as their group’s theme song as it tells a story on reaching their dreams.

You can also listen to their songs “Tilaluha” and “Hanggang sa Huli.”

12. Affordable merch.

You can buy their merch such PVC fan, lightstick, poster, CD and T-shirt in an affordable price.

You can watch this entertaining video of SB19 promoting their own merch. Link below:

13. They have free events and concerts.

To pay back for the recognitions and achievements that they are having now, they scheduled mall shows and free concerts in different cities here in Philippines.

14. They are hardworking and passionate.

There are always sacrifices behind every success. Being a trainee for years is truly challenging. There are instances that they have to give up some priorities to focus on their career. Challenges are always there but still, they never gave up on reaching their dreams and pursuing their passion.

Their hardwork pays off as they are now receiving awards and recognitions not only in the country but also nationwide.

15. Amazing fandom. (ATIN’s)

Here are some random act of kindness by ATIN’s during and after mall shows of SB19.

During Twitter parties, A’TIN are also collaborative in tweeting to make SB19 on the trending spot.

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16. They keep connection with their fans through vlogs and social media.

Every 19th of the month, they are uploading Show Break video on which the group creates a vlog content to be uploaded on YouTube.

There are also some instances that they are replying to their fans on their official social media accounts.

17. SHOWBT’s CEO and staffs are cool too.

Photo courtesy: ShowBT

ShowBT’s CEO Mr. Robin Geong, also addressed as “Tatang Robin” and teacher Hong Ganda are always present on SB19’s mall show to support them.

On Twitter, ShowBT’s staffs are also engaging with fans whenever there are Twitter parties.

18. They have inspiring stories before becoming PPOP idols.

Like any other ordinary people, SB19 also faced some challenges in life. During their guesting in Magandang Buhay, they became emotional as they mentioned some of the hardships that they have experienced before pursuing their career.

Despite of challenges, SB19 did not give up, instead they “Go Up!”

19. They are PPOP boy group and they promote OPM.

To clear things up, SB19 is not a KPOP group. They may be trained under a Korean entertainment company but still, they are a PPOP boy group and they are trained here in Philippines.

Also, they always mention on their interviews that they are promoting OPM.

As of the moment, they have achieved awards and recognitions not only in the Philippines but also in other countries and they truly deserve it.

Vocals? Check!

Visuals? Check!

Talent? CHECK!

Indeed, SB19 is a new pride of Pinoy POP industry.

Get in the zone, Break! Support local! Stan talent! Stan SB19!

Photos from: SB19 Official Facebook Page

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