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ICYMI: SB19’s Ken released “Bulan” MV Inspired by Pre-colonial Filipino Mythology

(Image Source: felipsuperior)

“Itaga mo ito, Sunod na Bersikulo!”

On May 28, SB19’s Ken successfully released his second solo single titled Bulan which was penned by himself. The song is inspired by pre-colonial Filipino Mythology as Bulan (god of moon), Haliya (masked goddess of the moonlight) and Bakunawa (moon-eating sea serpent deity) were mentioned in the song.

The song is telling us that we should not let other people drag us down, the bakunawas in our life who always try to swallow the light that shines on us. Keep on pursuing your dream and you’ll be successful in time.

As of writing the MV already garnered 431,556 views and 58K likes.

Congratulations Ken and to all staff behind this beautiful masterpiece. Kudos to everyone, Everything is just so perfect!

Watch the official Music Video here:

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