5 reasons why listening SB19’s “What?” is worth your time

A month ago, rising P-pop band SB19 released their song “What?” Have you already watched their MV? If not, then it is the sign!

Here are the reasons why streaming SB19’s “What?” is worth your time:

  1. Visuals and Talents of the members
(Image Source: officialsb19)

Stell, Pablo, Justin, Ken, and Josh showcased their exceptional talents and visuals in the music video. Their strong and steady vocals, powerful dance moves, on point rap lines, and bewitching visuals were unveiled in “What?” music video.

2. Deep message of the song

(Image Source: officialsb19)

“What?” is more than just a song, it’s an inspirational song, a meaningful song telling us that we should raise our own flags and be proud for whoever and whatever we have.

“Di na bala para iangat ang bandera bara na sa puso niyo na ang tatama Ama, salamat at Ikaw ang agimat. Bawat banat, iwagayway mo’ng watawat”

-SB19, What? (2021)

English translation:
No need bullets just to raise my flag. From now on, this bars will hit all of your hearts. Father, thank you for you are my amulet. In every battle swing your flag proudly.

On the other hand, it talks about their feelings on how they felt as they look back on their career since debut, that they may not what you call ‘the best’ but they are still doing their best to show to everyone that they are talented. That they are here to be an inspiration for those who are holding on to their dreams.

Maniwala, darating ang mga biyaya higit pa sa lahat-lahat ng nawala daming sakuna, ‘di ko ininda hindi titigil hanggang sa wakas”

-SB19, What? (2021)

English translation:
Believe, blessings will come much more that what was lost. All the tragedies didn’t budge me, I won’t stop until the end.

Never stop dreaming and never let the struggles in your life hinder you from achieving your dreams. Let the struggles mold you to become a better person in the future.


3. Creativity and Visual Aesthetic

The music video is undeniably beautiful to the point that you’ll find yourself watching it over and over again, it’s so addicting swear!

Kudos to all the creative and talented staffs who participated to produce this kind of masterpiece.

Let me share with you some sneak peaks from their music video:

Amazing floating ripped newspapers in Pablo’s part.

Ken’s captivating throne in his solo part.

Our Maknae, Justin’s magical part.

Josh’s charismatic rap part.

Stell’s fascinating and charming part.

You should watch the whole music video to see more aesthetic scenes.

4. Catchy Song

When you listen to it, you can’t help yourself sing and dance along to the rythm of the song. The beat, the melody, and harmony are all perfect!

My favorite part of the music video is their jaw dropping dance break, it is so mesmerizing (Di ka talaga makakakalma)!

5. The song was created wholeheartedly

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All the staffs and SB19 members exerted their effort, time, and talent just to create this kind of masterpiece. SB19 put their hearts into the song and used that as their way of expressing themselves and way to inspire people.

Moreover, watch SB19’s first 2 episodes of “What?” the making film and witness how they worked hard in making the music video:

So, “What?” are you waiting for? Stream “What?” now!

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