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LOOK: B.I actively responds to fans on Twitter

B.I fans are winning tonight as the multi-talented idol and executive director actively responds to his fans on Twitter!

In the evening of April 12, B.I replied to four of his fans on Twitter. Check out the photos below.

Photo from @shxx131bi131 Twitter Account

First fan tweeted, “Hanbin… You sleep well, eat well, and live happily these days, right? I really want you to be happy.”

B.I replied, “I want you to be happy too.”

Another fan replied to B.I saying,”To @shxx131bi131 how is the weather in Korea? Can that be a reason to live?”

In which the talented idol responded, “It is enough.”

Moreover, fan with the username of @131saint asked Hanbin, “When are you going to dance Hanbin?

Photo from @shxx131bi131 Twitter Account

Hanbin said in response, “Maybe soon.”

Lastly, fan asked Hanbin in English. “Do you still do flower arrangements?” B.I said, “I will show you next time.”

After a series of sweet interaction with his fans, B.I tweeted a wave “👋” which indicates that the interaction is about to end.

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This small gesture from B.I made fans celebrate with joy and happiness and made him trend #8 worldwide.

Meanwhile, Hanbin also serenade fans with Demo 5 last March 26. One week after the release of his first donation album Love Streaming.

Listen to DEMO.5 by 131 on #SoundCloud below.

He also teased fans with another mirror photo with flash which hide his handsome face from fans.

You may also help Hanbin spread love and kindness by streaming his Love Streaming tracks below.

Note: All translations are based on Naver Translation

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