In finding some worthy movies to watch in your preferred genre, the storyline, casts, and cinematography must be considered and should meet on the line. Hence, Peach Girl is one of the worthy Japanese romantic movies to begin with!

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Peach Girl starring Mizuki Yamamoto, Kei Inoo, Mackenyu, and Mei Nagano is a romantic movie that will surely bring you not just the kilig but also the true meaning of love.

The story revolves around a teenage girl who encountered different circumstances when it comes to love and relationships. She only wished for genuine love and happiness but she ended up getting hurt by the work of fate. However, pain can also be used as an instrument to fully realize everything that had happened and grow as a person.

10/10: What do I love about this drama

First of all, it is a Japanese film so let us consider their environment and the way they acted. Because honestly, they somewhat exaggerated some things like balling their eyes out. However, it doesn’t affect the movie and it’s kinda cute at some point.

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I’d rate it 10 over 10 because it carried my emotions perfectly! It made me realize how things work in a relationship and the foundation you need in order to make it strong. Aside from that, it also tackles about sacrifices, and the true meaning of family and friendship.


Talking about romance in this film, it is really hard to guess the female lead’s partner until the very last part. And I bet even you as a viewer, won’t make up your mind on whose side to choose!

Well, this is some of the major points that made the story even more exciting. Not knowing what will happen next and getting hooked every minute by the great twist.

The female lead’s life is also relatable taking place the betrayal, trust, and regrets. What will you do if the person you treated as a sister labeled you as her enemy and wanted to ruin your life? How about the guy you love suddenly leaving you without any specific reason? And what if you finally open your heart to someone but that someone is not willing to open up to you?

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Overall, the story will definitely teach us and open our eyes in any possibilities. It also made my heart flutter because of their pure definition of love.


Cheers to the amazing casts! The acting skills and visuals are on point. Mizuki Yamamoto who played the female lead as Momo really did great! However, Mei Nagano is also an effective one because she really got into my nerves. She is a total psycho yet you will understand where she’s coming from.

But to the two boys who made me torn until now, big clap to the both of you! Kei Inoo as Kairi is such a softie and an outgoing person. While Toji, the character of Mackenyu, is the total opposite of Kei’s character. He is more cool and mysterious type of a person.

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Lessons in the story

  • If harming someone makes you happy, that’s not a real happiness.
  • If you really love someone, fight for it. Do something to win over and protect your loved ones.
  • Be honest to yourself. Evaluate and reflect because at the end of the day, you only have yourself no matter what happen.
  • Money gives you temporary happiness. The genuine happiness will only be found in pure and unconditional love.
  • You will know in the right time if s/he is really meant for you. Your heart can only recognize, listen to it.
  • We can only decide for ourselves. So, choose your passion that will make you happy. Speak and express yourself in order to be heard and understand.
  • Don’t invalidate someone’s feelings. It will have a great impact to them.
  • Instead of choosing the person that makes you happy, choose a person that you want to be happy. There maybe a time when they will betray you, you’ll get hurt too. But that what it means to love someone. – Sakurako Adachi
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