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Did a ghost really join Super Junior’s House Party?

In the wee hours (2 am KST) of March 25, Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk posted a quite intriguing photo on his Instagram account.

The photo shows a screencap of their recently released MV ‘House Party‘. However encircled on the photo seems to be a bizarre form that looks like some paranormal entity.

Leeteuk captioned the photo with “여러분 이게 모에요?” (Everyone, what is this?). The post instantly gained attention from fans and even another SuJu member Siwon, who commented on said post with “별거아니에요 형…😂” (It’s nothing hyung).

post from Leeteuk’s IG account

Said screencap was captured from the House Party MV with 3:25 timestamp.

Is it really a ghost?

On the morning of March 25, an official from Label SJ said that he was at the scene at that time but noticed nothing peculiar during that time. It was also said that there is a possibility that it was just a staff reflection that was captured as there is actually an aisle in that background.

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It was also claimed that the photo posted by Leeteuk was just an edit by a fan as a prank.

Nevertheless, this surely gained an attention from fans and the members and will probably remain as an funny anecdote.

You can see for yourself if the ghost really exist by watching the MV below :

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