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WATCH: 131 Label Official reveals “Midnight Blue” MV

131 Label Official dropped the teaser for Kim Hanbin’s upcoming album release titled B.I Love Streaming, midnight of March 16 KST.

It was officially announced through 131 Label’s official Twitter and YouTube account.

Check out the MV below:

The music video is for the track Midnight Blue which was initially released to B.I’s official SoundCloud account last January 31.

Midnight Blue is equipped with an emotional lyrics that matches with the calming sound of piano.

What’s more fascinating in the music video is that, it contains an animation of a boy doing a sign language which also help people with hearing conditions understand the lyrics as well.

Moreover, prior to the released of the teaser, B.I already made several hints through his Twitter account.

The multi-talented idol tweeted two times midnight of March 15 and then the other one is 5 AM of the same day.

B.I Love Streaming will be released on March 19 at 6 PM KST. Stay tuned for details.

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