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Tiffany Young Opened Her Heart to her Filipino Fans

Tiffany Young, a member of the South Korean Girl group Girls Generation, finally met her Philippine Young One’s once again with her Open Hearts Eve Part 2 Fan Meet and concert.

The whole theater was filled with pink blinking lights and happy Philippine Young One’s and Sones singing along Tiffany Young’s songs as they wait for the show to start.

Everyone went wild as they hear the intro for Tiffany’s Run for Your Life and see her on stage wearing a stripe long coat that matches her long pants and Quintanilla. it was followed by Over My Skin, Heartbreak Hotel, and Talk. After her opening performance she officially welcomed her fans to her Open Hearts Eve Part 2 show. She also mentioned how she heard her fans voices as they sang her songs while she was backstage. She also encouraged her fans to enjoy and celebrate, that if her fans feels like moviing, she told them not to be afraid to stand up and dance like not giving a fuck. She sang her show title before singing wrecking ball and asking her fans to sing “I will always want you” part.

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As Tiffany sings Yellow Lights her fans get ready for their fan project and raise their phones with yellow stickers. The pink bongs rested for awhile as her fans filled the room with yellow lights. She also looked for her independent women as she sings “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child, followed by her song called “Teach You”.

She changes her clothes before continuing and ambulance sound started playing before her VCR played with her message. The show continued with Dance The Night Away and Please Don’t Stop The Music. Then she dedicated Run Devil Run to her favorite divas and hope that her fans would think of her as their favorite diva. She made her Philippine Sone Fans so happy when they heard her sing Run Devil Run which was Girls Generation song. She was so happy to see her fans dancing with the song through their lightsticks.

She was singing City of Stars in this picture

As she speak with her fans she mentioned all the fan projects that she had recognized like how they made Yellow lights for her Yellow Lights song and she read what the banner said “You Are Worth The Wait.” She also asked a moment of silence as she talked about what she had discussed during her press conference. But some of her fans can’t contain their happiness as they shouted that the most amazing that happened to them was Tiffany. She was so overwhelmed with the love of her fans for her.

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“The most amazing thing that happened is that we can open up and talk about how amazing things are but how amazing things aren’t. And that’s what Open Hearts Eve is about. The fact that we can open up, embrace those light and dark and hold each other and be there for one another and not judge and embrace each other.” – Tiffany Young

“The most amazing thing I have found with you is our voices.” – Tiffany Young

It was a memorable night for her because aside from being able to perform again for her Philippine Fans after five years, it was also the anniversary of her Born Again song.

She also mentioned how she loved and admire Lea Salonga. She sang a bit of A Whole New World and a bit of Reflection. She made a shoutout to Miss Lea Salonga before singing Speechless.

Tiffany watching a video made by her Fans

Then a video started playing which caught Tiffany by surprise. A surprise video made specially for her. After the video, her team came up on stage and gave her a roses each.

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But as she looked down the stage she saw her photo head of her Girls Generation members and she went down to get each photos from the people in the front row and replacing them with the roses that she have.

Tiffany promised that she will comeback and she said her thanks for the photos of her Girls Generation members and said that she will give her to her members.

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