JUST IN: Director Kim Hanbin joins fan project briquettes service

IOK Company In-house director Kim Hanbin were spotted in a fan project briquettes service today December 19!

@Still131 fan, a Korean fan base posted a series of photos of IOK’s director doing volunteer works along with other volunteers in Incheon.

Check out still131 fan Twitter post below.

Since it is already winter in South Korea, the fan project aimed to help the less fortunate people by way of giving them briquettes which they can used to warm their home.

Kim Hanbin, who is recently appointed as one of the new executive director of IOK Company joined the event along with his fans and other volunteers.

Three days prior to the event day, still131 fan also posted an announcement seeking for volunteers who would like to join them.

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It’s been over one week since Hanbin also dropped a demo titled Remember Me on SoundCloud and whenever he made an update, he always dominates the Twitter trends.

Fans rarely see Hanbin’s recent photos but when we did? We always see him volunteering.

This man right here is worth to stan, he inspired everyone to do goodness in everything we do.

Like idol, like fans. The best and the kindest executive director of IOK Company.

Meanwhile, IOK Music Company launched an audition for the male idol trainee which run from December 17, 2020 to March 3, 2021.

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  1. thank you for showing up, we are not worried anymore. keep taking care of yourself Hanbin. we are always waiting for you.

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