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IOK Company, In-House Director Kim Hanbin donates 200 million won worth of goods to NGO World Vision

IOK Company and Kim Hanbin made donations to NGO World Vission to help the children, elderly and disabled individuals who face difficulties due to covid 19.

Image Source: Naver

Kim Hanbin, one of the company’s in-house executive director has delivered 200 million won worth of goods to NGO World Vission on the 18th which includes 200,000 KF94 masks and 10,000 inner wears.

IOK Company stated,

“We are happy to help the vulnerable, who are suffering from the covid 19, we will continue to make efforts not only for B.I but also for I.O.K. to fulfill our social responsibilities.”

Naver Translation

The event were attended by Kim Hanbin and World Vission’s Han Sang Ho as seen in the photo.

According from Kim Hanbin,

“I want to be a warm help to my neighbors who are suffering from the cold winter and Corona19, and it’s a more difficult and colder time with Corona, but I hope we can share our warmth at times like this.”

Naver Translation

Moreover, Kim Hanbin made countless donations since 2016 and all of these philanthropist activities by the singer-songwriter and director has influenced his fans to do the same.

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The young executive director was recently spotted volunteering in a fan project briquettes service along with other volunteers last December 19 which was posted by @still131fan, Kim Hanbin’s official fanbase in Korea.

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