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LOOK: Kim Hanbin just made an update on his Instagram account!

Good news to all Kim Hanbin fans!

The singer- song writer, composer and executive director of IOK Company just made an update on his Instagram account midnight of October 23.

Check out Hanbin Instagram update.

Hanbin who just turned 25 years old in Korean age shared two series of photos without caption midnight after his birthday. The first one is his shadow picture and a bench.

It’s been more than a year since Hanbin update his sns account and this simple kind of act made his fans screamed with so much happiness.

Meanwhile, Hanbin also dominated the Twitter world on the midnight of his birthday.

All of his fans were gathered together to throw a hashtag party for him.

Some also prepared an online cupsleeves event and had a mini celebration.

Congratulations to all the fans who stayed with Hanbin!

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Happy birthday Kim Hanbin!

Are you all happy, bes? Share your feels with us!

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