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AO EXCLUSIVE: Minzy to warm the hearts of Filipino fans with “Lovely”

The multi-platinum and talented star Minzy will soon bring warmth to the hearts of Filipino fans with Lovely this November 20!

It will have additional choruses written in Tagalog, with the aim to make her Filipino fans feel the music even more.

As the newest Viva Records artist and a preparation, she participated in an exclusive press conference on November 19.

In which, two questions of The Annyeong Oppa were personally answered by her with enthusiasm.

She shared with the press how excited she is with this opportunity as it is her first time debuting abroad and it is in the Philippines.

When asked, “Filipino fans are so excited to hear your song, and that includes me, if you are to describe the Tagalog version of Lovely, what would it be?”

She quickly said that the word to perfectly describe it would be “warm.”

Other than that, Minzy kept on sharing good words as well about her fans and Filipinos as a whole group.

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She mentioned that she would like to collaborate with Sarah Geronimo and Ella Cruz, who she knows was a fan, but she is open to working with anyone as she heard that Filipinos are really talented.

When it comes to her Tagalog version song, she happily shared how well she worked hard for it, like learning the meaning of the used words for best understanding.

Moving forward, she is looking forward to meeting her Filipino fans as soon as the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) ends.

Gong Minji, also known as Minzy, debuted with the worldwide successful girl group called 2NE1 in 2009.

Back in 2017, she had her solo debut with Minzy Work 01: Uno, having Ninano as its title track.

Last May of this year, she released her first single as an independent artist titled Lovely, which will be having its Philippine version next week.

Photos courtesy of Viva Records

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