IU sends coffee truck support to Park Seo Joon’s “Gyeongseong Creature” filming set

IU showed her support for her former Dream co-star, Park Seo Joon by sending him a coffee truck to the filming set of his upcoming Netflix drama, Gyeongseong Creature.

On August 22, Park Seo Joon featured it on his IG stories and he tagged IU’s account and addressed her as “director somin” (her previous role in their film, Dream). He wrote as a caption, “Director Somin succeeded?!”

IU designed the horizontal banner with an acrostic message using Park Seo Joon’s name which reads, “Applause! Prepared by Park Seo Joon for the Gyeongseong Creature team.”

‘I am rooting for Park Seo Joon and Gyeongseong Creature team’ was written on the vertical banner.

IU is so sweet and so thoughtful!

Gyeongseong Creature is set in the spring of 1945 during the Japanese colonial period. It tells the story of two young people struggling to survive as they face a monster born out of human greed.

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On November 3, last year, it was announced that the series will have its second season. The first season is set to premiere this year.

Let’s look forward to this!

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