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Hotel Del Luna fans, look who reunited and went paragliding!

On July 23, Yeo Jin Goo shares on his personal instagram teaser photos of IU‘s recent guesting on his variety show “House on Wheels“.

IU even commented laughing at the first picture where they looked like an “ant and grasshopper”.

Hotel Del Luna fans will surely enjoy Gu Chan Sung and Jang Man Weol’s reunion after the series ended.

The teaser shows how Sung Dong Il teased Jin Goo that their next guest is someone who was once ‘his lover’. This later turned out to be IU who will visit the variety show’s movable house on its stop in Mungyeng where they even went paragliding together.

Watch the full teaser below:

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  1. Wishing that Jungkook.of BTS and IU will be having Kdrama or concert together. We love them both hoping they can be together in real life. Age now doesn’t matter as long as both love each other

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